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10 House Plants Which Are Hard To Kill

Indoor plants aren’t going anywhere.

It’s seems this trend is evolving each year, with a new trending plant to try in a living room corner or home office.

Real plants offer health benefits within the home, but one can be wary about keeping indoor plants alive. Especially if your thumb is described more brown than green.

If you want to add an indoor plant (or three) to your home, here are 10 house plants which are hard to kill.

1. Zanzibar Gem

This plant may be the most un-killable indoor plant. It has dark green, glossy leaves and can thrive on neglect. It loves to be indoors in a well-lit spot but away from direct sunlight. It thrives in semi-shade too.

It requires an occasional water, and the soil needs to dry out between waterings. Ensure this plant is put in a pot with a drain.

2. Peace Lily

This may be the most popular indoor plant grown in homes and offices. It’s also one of the most gifted plants for special occasions. Known for improving air quality and sprouting flowers throughout the year, it’s one that can be difficult to kill.

The Peace Lily love a warm indoor spot, away from direct sunlight. This plant does need to be watered regularly, so if you tend to overwater your plants, this one may be the one to choose for your home.

3. Rubber Plant

Another favourite indoor plant with dark foliage is the rubber plant. It needs plenty of light, so put it next to a window and ensure the soil is moist. It needs to be watered once every couple of weeks. You can read more tips on how to grow a healthy rubber plant.

4. Monstera Delicsiosa

Easy to propagate, this plant is known as the elephant ears and offers larger green foliage, best known for growing in tropical locations. It’s a plant that can grown in all directions, so if you’re looking for a larger plant to fill a particular space, this one would be my pick. You can read more tips on how to look after Mostera Deliciosa here.

5. Snake Plant

Snake plants can grow anywhere where there is bright light, which makes them a great choice for sunny spots indoors. They are also easy to car for so those who struggle having keeping indoor plants alive, this one may be the best choice. They can survive on neglect when it comes to watering… but they will need an occasional water.

6. Devil’s Ivy

I’ve grown this plant in low-light and bright-light areas of the house with great success. The best thing about Devil’s Ivy is it can be grown in a glass vessel of water – which means no watering required. The water will need to be checked and changed occasionally. If you love a plant that likes to hang down, Devi’s Ivy is a great choice for indoors.

7. Boston Fern

Boston ferns are great hanging plants for indoors. So if you want to add some height, hang one of these, or three, from the ceiling. It needs to be watered once every two weeks. Easy to care for and can grow in low-light rooms.

8. Euphorbia

I love cacti and succulents, but they DO NOT like the indoors. They need sun. If you love the look of a cactus, Euphorbia may be an option for you. It may look like a cacti, but it’s not.

Unlike cacti, they grow well in full or partial light. They love a good soaking, but then wait for their soil to dry before watering again. They can survive on being watered once a month. Check the soil weekly and place this plant near a window, at the front door or under the verandah.

9. Parlor Palm

Needing a tall plant for a corner in your home? The Parlor Palm can withstand dark corners, making it an ideal plant for indoors. It’s difficult to kill, but they can be loved to death by giving too much light and water. If you need a plant that requires little weekly maintenance, this is the indoor plant for you.

10. Satin Pothos Plant

Another vine growing plant which tolerates low light and doesn’t like to be over-watered. The leaves need to droop before watering gain. During colder months, keep this plant away from doors and windows as it doesn’t like cold drafts. It’s a great plant to put on bookshelves or in a bathroom or laundry.

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