10 Tips on How to Style Your Laundry Beautiful

The laundry has migrated from a functional utility room to a space worth styling.

A beautifully styled laundry has soared in popularity, ensuring the most mundane of daily chores are enjoyed in elegant surrounds. It’s no longer the forgotten room at the back of the house. And no matter how small the laundry room, there are ways to style it into a sophisticated space.

If you want to make your laundry look more pleasing to the eye, here are 10 ways to style your laundry beautiful.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Storage is key for a beautiful laundry. Everything has its place and each space has its designated purpose.

Storage in the likes of open shelving, overhead cabinetry and elongated bench space; these necessary components provide organisation in the most used room in the home. While I’ve mentioned on the blog before that surfaces are not for storage, in the laundry, they are necessary for keeping baskets of laundry off the floor and a spot to add some personality and style with a vignette or greenery.

Install Trendy Tapware

Gone are the days of the chrome wall assembly taps and adjustable laundry spout. Add some personality to your laundry with the tapware. Matte black can make a design statement, while brushed metallics can add a bit of luxury. Vege mixer spray taps can also look visually pleasing, and are a practical choice if you need to rinse clothes often before they’re washed.

Do away with the Clunky Laundry Tub

To create a slimline aesthetic in the laundry, the chunky white tubs of the past have been abandoned for inset sinks. It’s a minimalistic approach which still provides functionality for soaking or pre-rinsing.

Hide the Plumbing

Water taps and washing machine hoses can now be hidden in cabinetry. Talk to your plumber on ways to hide the plumbing away from view to create a seamless space, without the clutter of hoses in view.

Add Some Wall Paper or Wall Art

The recent House Rules contestants have added wall paper to one wall of their laundries to bring in colour and personality to the space. Just because the chore of washing clothes is boring, doesn’t mean the walls have to be bland as well.

Display Washing Powders and Detergents in Glass Canisters

If you make your own soaking powders or pre-buy detergents, display them in jars or glass canisters. If that’s too much effort, or you buy your powder in bulk, keep it hidden in the cabinetry.

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Create a Vignette

A vignette of hand soap and hand cream with a timber scrubbing brush, essential oils and some rolled towels. This can be displayed on the laundry bench in the corner. Even wicker baskets can add a bit of natural texture to the laundry to give it that styled, yet lived in look.

Throw Down a Rug

Most laundry floors are tiled and these can be softened with a throw rug. This can add colour and texture to a bare room.

Let There Be Light

Natural light in the way of a window or skylight can brighten the room. You can read how I added a skylight to my bathroom here. The same process can be used to bring light into your laundry. Make use of the configuration of your laundry to maximize the light.

Bring in the Greenery

The laundry is an ideal spot to add some greenery to freshen the interior. Open shelves are the perfect foundation for a hanging devil’s ivy. Ferns and snake plants also thrive in a humid environment like the laundry.

Happy Styling!

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