How to grow a Monstera Deliciosa

The Monster Deliciosa is a very popular indoor plant. They are tropical, wild and can grow in all directions! Not only are they a striking houseplant, but they are also very easy to grow and a fantastic beginner plant. I have one in my kitchen. I bought it as a baby and it’s really taken off. Below I’ve got some tips on how to grow a healthy Monstera Deliciosa…


Bright indirect sunlight near a window. Morning sun is preferable. If you have it near afternoon sun, then move it back from the window. If the plant starts stretching out and the lower leaves drop, then your plant needs more light. After all, plants need light to photosynthesize!


Monstera deliciosa is pretty forgiving when it comes to watering. They do not like sitting in water though. Here’s a rule of thumb for your watering – if the leaves turn yellow or brown and fall off, then it is getting too much water. If the leaves are drooping, but don’t fall off, then your plant needs more water. I ALWAYS use this water meter for all of my plants. You don’t have to worry about when to water when you use this. Avoid extremes in watering.

Leaf progression

One of the most rewarding parts of growing Monstera deliciosa is watching the plant evolve from its juvenile leaves, to the more mature adult leaves. Young plants have leaves that are completely solid and that have no slits or holes. As the Monstera deliciosa ages, the new leaves will have more and more holes and slits among the leaves.


Monstera deliciosa is a climbing plant in nature, so you’ll want to add some support, and the perfect time to do this is when you repot your plant! This way, you will minimize the damage to any roots. Although if you are careful, you can really add support at any time. Add a bamboo stick or stake to the middle and help train the plant so it grows upwards.


Who wouldn’t want more of a good thing? If you want to propagate your Monstera deliciosa, it is very easy to do. You can simply just cut a vine and place it in water. Not just any old vine though. You’ll want to choose a vine where you see an aerial root. See where my hand is above? Cut under that and place it in water. When you see new roots, you can pop that in a new pot of soil and off you go again.

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♥ KC.


  • Imogen

    Can you cut the sprawling roots off the monstera plant? The ones that are not in the soil of the plant pot…
    Ours are getting a little out of hand…

    • Serene Queiruga

      Yes you can. Those Aerial roots aren’t necessary for the plant to survive. In the wild, they wrap around a tree and allow the monstera to grow up the tree.

  • Helen

    How do you grow them so that they produce fruit?

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