Stunning Sunday: Carefree coastal lifestyle

This kitchen caught my eye. How gorgeous! And then I started clicking and decided I loved the bathroom too. There’s just not enough photos of this home though! I wish the real estate agent had loaded up some more…

Celebrating traditional craftsmanship fused with contemporary design, this two storey home is awash with natural light and packed with personality. Meticulously renovated to respect it’s original charm, whilst giving it a fresh and modern lease on life, you’ll relish the eclectic, spacious interiors and the abundance of sunshine and warmth which cascades through every room. Enjoy effortless entertaining with a kitchen designed to integrate seamlessly with the outdoors, along with multiple living areas and sunny bedroom sanctuaries, ready for you to unplug and unwind in. – Agent

The home is currently on the market. It’s located in Long Jetty, NSW.

Scroll down to see the photos…

The home is being sold LJ Hooker Bateau Bay. All images are owned by the agency.

Read more about the home and see the listing here.

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Happy Sunday friends ♥ KC.

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