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Use this to know when you should water your indoor plants

I put this little tool up on my Instagram and it went crazy with comments. Over 200 of them with people tagging each other lots. It’s a $12 ‘Moisture Meter’ from Bunnings and it will tell you if your plants need watering or not.

You only need the one and stick it right down in your plant every week or so and see what it tells you. It’s better to let your plants dry out a bit more than drown them. Move the meter around in your pot and if each spot tells you it’s dry then it’s time to water! If it’s moist, then leave the plant a few more days.

I put it in all my plants over the weekend. I am a plant junkie and have about 20 of them. Ooopsss…..

So it can be hard work deciding when to water them and how often. This will save me for sure! My fiddle was very dry, but my monstera doesn’t need any for a while.

Not sponsored at all, just a handy tool to own if you have indoor plants.

If you’d like to know more about HOW TO WATER your plants I have a blog post here.

♥ KC.


  • Anonymous

    Eeeeek I need this in my life!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d need too many! Got indoor plants everywhere

  • Gwen

    It doesn’t say how deep to insert??

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