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Indoor plants and their benefits

I used to be mad about indoor plants back in the year 1999. It was the year I met my husband and moved in with him. Then it sort of became uncool and daggy to have indoor plants. Fast forward a couple of decades or so and I’m back to loving indoor plants again (I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll be back loving tartan lounges and suede paint? #jokes)…

 Our homes can be polluted with a mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted as vapour from plastics, cleaning products, carpets, paint, cosmetics and electronic equipment. Gas cookers and unflued gas heaters can also elevate carbon dioxide levels (the reason why you should use your exhaust fan when cooking on a gas stove and open a window with an unflued gas heater). In high concentrations, VOCs and CO2 can be toxic and carcinogenic. Even low levels can hurt health. – source.

Not only can indoor plants look good they also have a purpose:

  1. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So whilst we are sleeping, the plants are refreshing the air. 
  2. Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients. So if you’re unwell at home, then it wouldn’t hurt to add some indoor plants?
  3. If you or anyone in your family has allergies, smokes or just wants to breathe fresher, cleaner air in their homes, then indoor plants are a great addition.
  4. Students demonstrate 70 percent greater attentiveness when they’re taught in rooms containing plants.
  5. To improve health and reduce fatigue and stress, place 1-3 plants in an average size room.
  6. Plants bring good luck.
  7. Potted plants and flowers can improve your idea generation, mood, and more.

Do you have an indoor plant? How many do you have?


  • Chrissie

    Thanks for that info Katrina…I did know about the health benefits, however, you have prompted me to actually buy some indoor plants after reading your blog…..I did have peace lilies till I read they are a sign of death…..SOOOOOi threw them out!!

  • Chris R

    I used to have a home filled with indoor plants years ago. Reading your blog has inspired me to get a couple. The benefits are all worthwhile, and our house is in need of a health boost and cleaner air.
    Now if I can just find a cute little owl to put one in I will be happy 🙂

  • Chrissie

    Chris R,if you live in Wagga, try the junk shop nxt door to Cotton On, they have owl pot plant things in there….white ones……

  • Nyree Thomas

    I have a black thumb and not sure I could even keep indoor plants alive. Made my dad rig up an outdoor water system so they don't die!

  • Dianne

    We have a couple of zanzibar plants that look beautiful and require minimum care, watering 1-2 months. They are a really cool looking plant!

  • Billie makes a home

    Hi Katrina
    I loved this article. I am scared to admit that I am a bit indoor plant obsessed – with good reason. I am the proud owner of 16 orchids. Now I do need to explain however that they are not indoor plants until they are flowering. For the remainder of the time they live in dappled shade on of back fence. I currently have 3 indoors that are flowering and 5 outside spiking. There’s nothing better than a beautiful flowering orchid in each room.

  • Michelle

    I swear the only plant I havent managed to kill is my succulents. I can just snap leaves off the mother plant and stick them into a cute little pot for inside and they start to grow pretty much straight away. I like to keep a plant on the window ledge above the shower it gets lots of sunshine and light in there 🙂

  • John

    You need to be careful with choosing plants if you have pets.

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