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DIY your own floating tv unit with BESTA from IKEA

If you’re looking for an affordable tv unit have you considered the BESTA system from IKEA? (Not a sponsored post, just love this idea!). I’ve been telling my clients to look at this option for a sideboard or floating tv unit. You just need to buy the shelf unit with doors (they come in different colours too), mount them to your wall and then finish with a top. Have a look through these photos below so you can get an idea on what I am talking about…


  • The shelf unit with doors comes in a couple of sizes
  • Either lay them all together on the ground, or mount to your wall studs.
  • Buy a timber top (IKEA have some), or head to your local Bunnings and get a laminate kitchen bench top.
  • Add some leather handles (or none at all).
  • If you need to fill a specific area and the measurements don’t quite fill the space see the above photo where they’ve left it open and popped a cushion in to hide it.

This is so easy and really affordable and you can personalise it anyway you like!

♥ KC.

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One comment

  • Sabrina

    Hi Katrina,

    I come across this blog while looking for Besta inspiration for tv unit.
    Can I please ask your opinion which door finishes best suited for entertainment unit? Should I go for the matte or high gloss?

    We’re going with white colour and planning to put wood plank on top. 64cm heights at the bottom and will be 3.6m long with tall cabinets with 2 glass door only on 1 side and full 3.6m lenght across the top (using 38cm heights).

    It will be positioned next to large window and we have downlights throughout the house.
    I worry with the glare & reflection for the high gloss, but I’m also not sure if the matte will be too flat & boring.
    I have 2 young kids if that makes any difference with the cleaning & durability of white cabinets ?

    Thanks so much!

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