Home Essentials Kit Cleaning Recipes

Have you considered going low-tox in your home? I have been doing this over the past 10 months and it’s definitely been life changing. My goal was to improve my overall health and mood.

If you have joined the magical world of doTERRA and are keen to use your essential oils more, then make a plan to start using them to clean your home!

If you get confused by all the oils and their uses, then just take a breath. Ha! I know, it can be overwhelming.

I would urge you just to make sure you’re using your oils for just TWO purposes –

  • clean with them
  • purify the air in your home

Pretty simple. Just throw out your cleaning products, make a batch of new ones, and keep diffusing the oils to make the air smell good (and breathe in their benefits).

Buy some glass spray bottle from ebay, stick some labels on, and off you go.

I have a whole lot of cleaning ideas over here.

If you’d like to start using doTERRA for cleaning, then you can buy this whole kit (plus some added bonuses over here).

♥ KC.

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  • Sharon

    Gotta try this cleaning recipes especially for stain removal! Thanks for this! 🙂

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