Where to buy bottles for doTERRA recipes

So you’ve bought your Home Essentials Kit and you’ve been happily diffusing oils, but you know you can do more with them!

Here’s 10 more ways you can use your oils apart from just diffusing them.

I like to clean with mine, travel with them, get my kids to use them, create night face creams and sleep blends.

Usually you’ll need a little selection of jars/bottles to get you started.

People always say, what stuff do I need to get and where do I get them from???

First you’ll need spray bottles for cleaning and room sprays. Here’s some recipes.

Then you’ll need roller bottles to make blends and dilute your oils down to use on your body and carry around in your bag.

If you want to make a perfume or a room spray you’ll probably want smaller spray bottles.

Then you might want some spray tops to use on almost empty oil bottles for smaller room sprays, deodorant or magnesium spray.

I also like to put a pump on my FCO bottles for easy access.

You may want some little jars to make your own vapour rub, or face/lip balm, dry shampoo or even DIY jif.

So, here’s where you buy these from >>

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Happy shopping ♥ KC.

  • I have no affiliations, I am not getting paid. These are items I bought and like. 🙂

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