Essential Oil Blends to support your overall health + how to get freebies

After being introduced to the magical world of essential oils this year I have to say I am hooked. NO JOKE, you say! Ha. Read right to the bottom to find out how you get free oils.

I have been determined to put myself in a state of happiness and bliss. I am putting myself first. May sound a bit woo-woo and like I’ve lost the plot, but I am asking myself WHY didn’t I do this years ago??

What does your overall health and well-being look like? Mine was a red hot mess last year. I was unwell, tired, sluggish, foul and unproductive. I know I am pushing essential oils on to you aren’t I? WHY?? Because you don’t know what you’re missing! I’ve been tapping away at this blog since 2006. I am pretty reliable and truthful aren’t I? So, why not share the good stuff with you! ♥

You don’t need a huge collection of essentials oils. You just need a starter kit and a couple of extras. Then use those on repeat, every day and replace them often. If you’re keen to learn more about blends and how they can support you then I have lots of graphics and ideas for you below. PLUS I run free weekly online workshops here.

Save to your phone, your computer or put on your Pinterest boards 

2 tips for applying them >>
Rub it wear it hurts OR put on the soles of your feet (less sensitive skin, lots more nerve endings).

You can also put behind your ears, on your wrists, down your spine, inhale and diffuse.

Use your oils at least 5 times a day!

Why re-order?

Well, obviously to replace what you are using, but there is so much more to gain… Open your doTERRA account today, add products monthly and get a (whole family) wellness box delivered to your door. Save on doctor visits, over the counter chemist medication, improve your health, your sleep, your moods. It’s not hard and it’s not expensive, because the trick is to earn points back every single month towards future purchases. The most awesome thing about a monthly order is their Loyalty Rewards Program. Did you know you need to spend $2,000 on Fly-buys to receive $10 back! What do you get for $10 at doTERRA?? Every single monthly order you place is a $7.95 postage investment, but you get 10 points given to you JUST for postage (that’s on top of the points you earn for your oils or wellness products) and those 10 points gets you up to $12 in doTERRA for free. PLUS a free oil EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

You don’t need to buy 100 oils. You may think I can’t keep up with the ordering every single month. I know, I thought that too. BUT you don’t need all the stuff. You just need a collection of maybe 10-20 oils, invest in the supplements (this is for your daily health!) and start replacing your usual shopping of shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, washing liquid, face creams with low-tox products via doTERRA. You were buying them anyway. If you’re USING your oils every single day then you just need to keep replacing them. You don’t need to own one of everything. Just use what you have over and over and replace those.

If you already have an account, you need to use the monthly order system pronto! You only need to buy ONE PRODUCT a month to keep it going and you can cancel at any time.

If you haven’t opened an account yet, email me or go here for some info. I have some ONLINE workshops you can attend. 40 minutes is all you need.

Lots of love today,

Katrina. X

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