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Modular or singular couches?

Are you in the market for a new couch? Then this begs the question – leather or fabric? Or which shape??

Here are some ideas plus tips below if you’re thinking of purchasing a new couch (because we all know this is a HUGE decision!).

Are you a modular…?

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modular couch

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Or are you a singular…?


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Here are some tips when looking for the perfect couch…

Measure up!

It’s very important to measure out your space first. You can easily fall in love with a style, but is it going to fit?? That’s the biggest question! You don’t want it too big so that it crowds the space, or if it’s too small the room will feel out of proportion. The best way to do this is to measure your room, draw it to scale on a piece of paper, then draw in the couch also to scale. Add in the coffee table, tv unit and anything else so you can visually see how much space there will be to walk around the room.

Will it fit in the door?

Oh wouldn’t that be a nightmare? You’ve waited 6 or 8 weeks and delivery day is here, only to discover it won’t fit through your door, or around that corner in the hallway or up the stairs??


There’s so many to choose from. Modern, classic, squishy, sleek, fabric or leather? Think about the rest of your house and always try to make sure you stick to its theme.

What do you use it for?

Does the couch sit in your least used room? Or are you watching movies on it? How many of you will be sitting on it at once? These questions will also help you decide whether you’d prefer a 2-seater and some singles, or a modular so you can sprawl out.

Fabric or leather decisions

Which do you prefer? A dark fabric, or a lighter textured feel? What about leather. Would you go light or dark? The use of the couch will help you determine this. If you are worried about kids and spills or animals then maybe darker fabrics (and even leather) will suit you better. If your couch is in a room where you won’t be lounging or eating, then maybe you can do a lighter linen fabric.

So which one are you? Singular or modular?



    That blush pink sofa is so dreamy! Wish I’d seen this post 6 months ago though 🙁 I bought a grey fabric sofa but am regretting the decision and wish I’d spent a little more to buy a piece that’s a better fit… Would love to see your suggestions for ottomans because that will be my next purchase x

    • caroline

      Interested to know why you regret your grey fabric sofa Gina?

  • Mujji

    I Like grey soda, it;s very charming.

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