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Polish the leaves on your indoor plants

How do all the plants on tv shows, in magazines or in the plant shop have such lovely shiny lush leaves?? Well not only is it because they want them to look good, they also want them to grow and thrive!

Dust is everywhere and it’ll settle on the surface of a big indoor plant. Especially in the winter months as we have our homes locked up from the outside weather.

Plants need to breathe and photosynthesize. And they cannot do with this with a layer of dust sitting on them. Plants are more susceptible to disease and bugs attacking them if covered in dust. A house plant’s natural habitat is outdoors where they are exposed to wind and rain to wash this dust off.

Now, you can easily take them outside and give a spray with water and that’ll be sufficient, but if you really want some shine on them and want to be a dedicated plant mum like me, then you’ll go to the extreme… ha!

How to polish the leaves on your indoor plant

Use WHITE OIL from Bunnings or an ORGANIC COCONUT OIL.

Here’s a rubber plant I did with White Oil >>

See the leaves below on the left are milky and dull looking? That’s how I actually bought this plant. My Mum was concerned he might not be well. I said nope he’s good, he just needs a good clean up! So one Sunday morning at 7am I started cleaning my plants. My husband calls me a nutter haha… Seriously, it’s so satisfying! Spray the white oil on to a cloth (not the plant) and wipe over! So easy.

Here’s a fiddle leaf fig I polished up with coconut oil >>

Now they are looking awesome and ready to grow, grow, grow. If you want some tips on how/when to water your indoor plants check out this blog post I wrote. Plus this one on how to grow a health rubber plant.

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♥ KC.


  • Myra

    May I use regular coconut oil for my fiddle leaf??
    I use it in my face at night!!! Yikes….what do you say.??

    Or baby oil??
    Or olive oil??
    Your advice please…thx.

    • Katrina (author)

      If it’s organic, and pure without all fillers then all ok to use. x

  • Dianne

    How often should I feed my fiddle leaf? What type of fertilizer would you use?

    I have a cat palm that’s looking bad. Turning yellow and brown? Cut back some of the frons

  • Gatekeeper

    Milk is the best thing to clean you plant with. Whole or 2%. It’s safe and will add shine to your plant. Wet a cloth realse excess wipe leaf.

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