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What’s wrong with your house plant? 6 common problems

I know! We’ve all killed a few plants haven’t we? They are pretty affordable so don’t feel bad. I’d rather buy a house plant and get a few months out of it than buy something from Kmart for $20 only to throw it out or list it on my Facebook Buy Swap Sell page in a few months. At least a house plant is a little more environmentally friendly.

Anyway, if you’re like me and love indoor plants then you might treat them like they are part of the family! I love watering and looking after mine They are very therapeutic, good for your home (the air and feng shui) and look gorgeous in a basket.


Here are 6 common problems…


Brown crispy edges

Solution – sit in a sink full of water to soak, then water more often letting soil dry between drinks. Use this moisture meter to work out when to water. It’s $12 and a life saver!


Soft pliable leaves – they look green but they are droopy

Solution – back off on watering. Make sure the soil is completely dry before the next water. Mostly it’s better to underwater and overwater.


Yellow and pale

Solution – repot in some nutrient rich soil because rubbish garden soil will not be good for indoor plants.


Black spots or holes

Solution – remove all infected leaves and apply white oil or nursery recommended spray.


Growing toward light

Solution – move to a bigger window or place outside. This is common with succulents. Here’s how you should water those.


Dry and falling leaves

Solution – move to less drafty space like a bathroom or mist leaves often.


Hope this helps today! ♥ KC.

If you don’t know which indoor plant to choose you might like to read this post – Indoor Plants For Beginners.

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