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A new mattress for weightless comfort and temperature regulation

I’ve been doing so much renovating and I have heaps of rooms to furnish and fill! Two houses in 12 months. It’s been a lot. And mattresses aren’t something you think of straight away. I’m not sure if this house will be an Airbnb yet, but I was forward thinking and popped a new mattress in this room just in case.

This one is an Origin Mattress.

It comes rolled up so the below photo is it straight out of the packaging. You have to give it a couple of days to let it ‘grow’ to its normal thickness.

Straight away I could feel it was super comfy!

My 16 year old sleeps in this room sometimes and he keeps telling me it’s great and not saggy like the old one.

The mattress features AEROFLEX™ – the only material able to create a weightless sleep experience that maximises comfort and support, for the ultimate sleeping-on-air sensation.

Apart from keeping your body pressure-free, the hybrid’s smart design will keep you cool and cozy – warming you up when you’re cold, and cooling you down when you’re warm.

The Origin Hybrid is designed to melt all pressure away – giving you weightless sleep that maximises comfort, back support and restful sleep.

I definitely need another one of these to finish furnishing this house off.

Check out Origin Mattresses out today because they actually have a huge sale on! They also have pillows and mattresses toppers. PERFECT.

(gifted product and I accepted because I could see/read the reviews before I said yes and knew it would be awesome)

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