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Laundry Storage Ideas

Renovating your laundry, or does it need a little fix up?? I added some overhead cupboards to mine recently, and put some wall panelling on an ugly area.

Today I have some ideas on what makes a good and functional laundry. You might like a few of these tips!

# Pull out drying rack

What a treat this would be! Just a place to hang a few bits rather than over dining chairs, an ugly clothes horse or sitting outside for days on end during the winter months.


# Hanging rail

They sure are handy. I have one in mine. Just easy for school shirts.


# Hooks

Of course these look amazing! With a little overhead shelf. Extra storage is always a bonus. You can even add these panels to your laundry. They are a DIY – we did them here. Then paint them in a contrasting colour. I love it.


# Sink cover

This is a great idea if you rarely use your sink but could do with a bit of extra bench space to fold washing.


# Open space

If you don’t know what to put in an empty space, then this is a great idea. Make a hanging area and also put your ironing board on a hook.


# Double bench

What a real treat! A double work space. Because we all know washing is WORK! They have a loo in here too.


# Pull out ironing board

A real space saver and is a good idea if you’re not much of an ironer. Like me! I iron school shirts (because my boys all wear a tie) and not much else. This is a quick and easy solution.


# Concealed items

I thought this was so cute and a great idea! It keeps the space looking neat. Especially if your laundry is tiny and in an open space where people can see it. You might like to hide the machine behind little sliding doors.


# Pull out washing basket

Best invention ever. I have one of these and this means no dirty laundry is ever laying around. We throw it all in the drawer. The 2nd photo below is half drawer which would be handy too. Or you could have one on top of another.



How’s your laundry looking? Have you got any cool storage tips?



  • Kirsty Maselli

    My hubby just did our overhead laundry cupboards with a hanging rail. I love it

    • Kirsty Maselli

      Katrina Chambers I’ve sent you a message, I couldn’t post a photo here ??

  • Natasha

    I want a new laundry now ?

  • Sophie

    Great, and timely post Katrina :).
    Oh the sink cover! Who knew, so simple. We are in final planning stages for our house and have the hanging rail as a must. We’ve got a tick on a few of these. The pull out hanging looks good too. I’m considering a Robin Hood ironing station, but this pull out might be a nice alternative.
    Decisions, decisions…

  • Amber

    Great ideas. ANyone know where you can buy a sink cover?

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