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How to create a cosy bedroom

Finding yourself at home more than usual lately? Considering we all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms hoping to get good sleep, relax more or overcome illness, then making sure this space is clean, fresh (and stylish!) is important.

Maybe it’s time to see how you can cosy up your bedroom… Once you’ve got the basics in your bedroom you can change it around with a few simple linen additions.

I’ve added some new pieces to my bedroom thanks to L&M Home who specialise in beautiful style to create collections that enhance living spaces and evoke warmth and emotion. I’ve never been happier with how my room is looking right now. Chambo (aka husband) couldn’t care less haha! 😉

Today I’ve got some tips on how to make your bedroom more cosy…

1. Remove the clutter – Strip that room right down. Almost empty it and start with a clean slate. Take everything off your tables, off the floor, out of the corners and clear out everything hiding under your bed.

2. The Bed – Start with the basic (good) mattress and ensemble base. This allows for you to add lots of different linen styles and themes without having to try and match a bedroom setting.

3. Bedhead – Whether it’s a prominent feature or a subtle one, your bedhead will complete the overall look of your bedroom. Fabric, timber or rattan are popular options right now.

4. Set the tone with colours – what’s your personal style? Lots of white? Neutrals? Or something with a little more depth and pattern? Find some bedding shops on Instagram and use them for your inspiration. I am loving neutrals, white and a little bit of warmth for the perfect cosy room.

5. Layers and layers – there’s nothing cosier than seeing a bed layered up to perfection. Beautiful linens just ooze comfort. I’ve got the most luxurious King doona cover on my bed. It’s the Natural French Linen from L&M Home. Add a throw blanket (like the one on my bed in the colour Earth), mohair or fluffy blanket in a contrasting colour to give the room that final touch.

6. Sheets – find the perfect sheet for you! Whether that be cotton, bamboo, linen or flannel. There’s no rules on what you SHOULD have. What feels better for you? I personally cannot do flannel. I prefer 500 thread count cotton.

7. Throw pillows – too many is not a thing! 😉 Layer that bed up like a boss with as many cushions as you want. They will tie all of your linen together and really set the tone for the theme. I’ve added the Moby Blush Lumbar Cushion and the Oatmeal Burton Cushion to my bed.

8. Bench seat – I couldn’t live without one. It feels like it adds that final touch to the furniture in the room and my bed feels naked without it.

9. Light and dark – a good balance of lighting is necessary. During the day does your room have plenty of light where you can throw curtains/blinds/shutters open to let the light in. A healthy bedroom also needs good ventilation. Then come night time make sure you can block out all of the light to allow for a better nights’ sleep.

10. Bedside tables – Here’s some tips on How To Style A Bedside Table.

11. Purify – A diffuser is an efficient way to maintain a fresh bedroom by removing dangerous pollutants and agitating allergens like dust mites, pollen and pet smells from the air. Plus, when you’re using the right oils you can open your airways (good for the snorer!) and create a much calmer sleeping environment. A diffuser is a must in my bedroom.

You might also like 10 steps to the perfect bed. I find making my bed every day quite therapeutic. The more you play around with different styles, layouts and layers you’ll become a pro at making it!

How about a little bit of online shopping right now? 😉

Happy styling ♥ KC.

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