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Tips on how to organise your fridge

Food comes in and out of our house extremely fast. 3 teenage boys will do that!

While we have been stuck at home I thought I’d be super fancy and fix up the storage in my fridge to make it look better. The boredom is kicking in ha!

The first photo was the morning of my grocery shop. There was nothing left to eat! We only shop weekly. See my meal plan ideas here.

All it takes is some containers and some organising.

I grouped all the yogurt, cheese, meats and fruits and added a Lazy Susan turntable for the jars and butter.


  • Don’t hoard food, only buy what you will eat that week
  • Group foods
  • Buy containers, storage bags and baskets so each food group has a home
  • Pre-cut fruit so you can get rid of the skin/waste so it takes up less space
  • Use a lazy susan for condiments
  • Buy reusable snaplock bags for opened meat, cheeses.

So simple and DONE!

Containers from here and here and the turntable is this one.

Head to my INSTAGRAM story highlights to see a video.

We’re due for more food AGAIN today…

♥ KC.

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