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10 steps to the perfect bed

Looking to create a bedroom oasis with the perfect bed? All it takes is 10 easy steps and you will have yourself a bed styled to perfection while being super comfortable – because what’s the point of how a bed looks if it isn’t comfortable, right? ?


1. Gather your supplies

See what linen you have that you can use. Can you display an old doona cover and add some new euro cushions? Replace sheets that are looking tired and worn. When creating the perfect bed nice sheets are a must! Once you have determined what you have already, make a list of what you need to buy. Make sure you have a mattress topper, a throw, cushions and a bed skirt if needed.

2. Find the iron

Yep, you’re going to iron your linen (even it’s supposed to be a natural texture) to give it that crisp fresh feel. Iron your doona cover, pillow cases, bed skirt and sheets. Use your table or kitchen bench to iron the sheets and other large pieces of linen (or sometimes I iron them while they are on the bed).


3. Centre the bed skirt

(I think a bed valance is a must-have!) Make sure the bed skirt is even on all sides and is covering all parts of the bed base. It can be tricky when you plonk the mattress back down on top, so if you can get someone to help you that makes life easier.


4. Pull the mattress topper tight

When fitting the mattress topper, you want it as smooth and as tight as you can get it. A good night’s sleep starts with a bump free mattress topper. TIP – secure it in place with some discreet pins.


5. Fit your fitted sheet

Once you’ve prepared and smoothed out your mattress topper, pull your fitted sheet as tight as possible over the top. If you need too, use a deep sheet to allow for the extra thickness of your mattress topper. It will stop the corners coming up and is easier to tuck.


6. Next up, your top sheet

(I say yes to a top sheet!) Lay the top flat sheet good side down, so when you fold it back the good side faces upwards. To save any tugging of the sheets overnight, ensure you centre the top sheet, with even amounts of sheet on both sides. Don’t tuck it in yet!

7. Add your blanket

Centre your blanket on top of your top sheet, again ensuring even amounts on all sides. Next up… tucking it all in together. You can skip this step if you’re not using a blanket.

8. Remember your hospital corners

To ensure your bed sheet and blanket stays nice and secure while you sleep, tuck both the blanket and sheet in using the hospital corners method. Your mum will be proud!


9. Turn down the top

Fold down the top of the sheet and blanket combo and tuck the sides in tightly under the mattress.


10. Decorate

Let your creativity go wild, mix and match different sized cushions and add texture. Use your favourite doona cover, fun patterned pillow cases, an assortment of cushions and finish with a throw!

A good night’s sleep awaits you! Sweet dreams.

♥ KC.

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