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Tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget

Taking pride in your bedroom and creating a beautiful space doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Actually it’s very good for your health too. Considering we all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms hoping to get good sleep, relax more or overcome illness, then making sure this space is clean and fresh is important.

But your first step should be to figure out how much you can spend.

Here are some tips that help you decorate your bedroom on a budget…

1. Try to work with what you’ve already got

Consider what furniture you already have in your room, is there an out-of-the-box way to edit any of it? For example, if you have a bedhead, can you recover it, or paint it? What about the bedside tables? Can you sand them back so you have a whole new colour/texture in the room. This is a great alternative to purchasing a new piece of furniture that fits your bedroom dreams but might not be a realistic spend right now. Try looking in cheap stores for materials or buying them during a sale to reduce the cost even more.

2. Work creatively with your space

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking there is no other way to work with the space you have. However, just simply rearranging your furniture can transform your entire room. This won’t cost you anything and you might even gain more floor and storage space.

3. Spend on things that will make a difference

Rather than spending big on small trinkets or things that might not have a big effect, try spending your money on items that can make a big impact. A new quilt cover and luxury sheets can do the trick. Even a dramatic colour change and complimenting this with accents throughout your room can change the space with little investment. Painting a wall in a contrasting colour can change the space instantly – even a half wall to create a visual impact.  If new bed linen isn’t in the budget, consider buying some on-trend cushions to decorate your bed.

4. Bargain finds

If your bed frame is making your room feel dated, consider switching to an ensemble bed so you can create a whole new look with a fancy bedhead. What about using and an old gate, a door DIY pallet bedhead. This can instantly change the vibe of your room and will draw lots of attention. You can also check out vintage shops or op-shops in your local area for some interesting and quirky finds. You may even consider distressing wood with sandpaper or putting a new coat of paint on a bedside table to breathe life into dated furniture.

5. Create your own art

Art can be expensive, but it can also up the decor of your bedroom quickly. Again, hit up the cheap shops or art shop sales to pick up some canvases and paints. Shop online for simple art projects that might suit your style and follow the online tutorials. You can recreate some gorgeous art on a low budget while taking on a new project/hobby.

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