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7 things your home can live without

There are many things we can live without in our homes. You can still live comfortably and not miss them at all. If you prefer to feel like your home has grown in space (rather than feeling like you’ve outgrown grown the space) never has there been a more motivating time (thanks to the internet) to start culling your home. It’s amazing how stuff makes us feel claustrophobic and drags us down, yet we still feel the need to hug ourselves with more and more stuff. By getting rid of things you can live without you’ll have more space, feel lighter and have more time to spend doing things you love.

Kitchen gadgets

You can get by with just one knife and one mixing bowl. No need to keep every item you’ve ever owned. It’s time for a big cull and only keep what you use often. You don’t need any of those gadgets you haven’t used in the past few months. If you never use your food-processor because it’s too hard to set up and clean up, get rid of it. The best food is fresh and only requires your two hands and a few simple tools.

Specialised cleaning products

You don’t need to buy many different bottles and potions to get each specific part of your home clean. Use home-made sprays using vinegar and lemon. Or add bi-carb soda to your sponge if you need to scrub something.

Excess towels

Not only do they take up storage area in your home, you don’t need 10 towels filling your cupboards. One set you’re currently using, and a spare set is all you’ll need.

Top Sheet

I’m still not convinced, but it seems to be very on trend. Why is that? Well it firstly saves you some money when buying new sheets, secondly it saves you some washing time and thirdly it will save you time making your bed in the morning.

Office supplies

A note pad, a couple of pens and a printer with paper is probably all you really need. Using online tools like Evernote, or your Calendar can make working from home and running a home office much more simplified without the need for office supplies taking up space.


They occupy huge areas in your home and it’s time to get rid of them. Everything you need to watch, see or read is online. It’s fine to buy a hard copy here and there, but massive collections of these items will be taking up precious wall or storage areas. There is no longer a need for bookshelves to cutter up much needed floor space.


Kids cannot play with all their toys all at once. This doesn’t mean you need to reduce the toys down to a bare minimum, so they no longer own any, but it means that a huge amount can probably be gifted to someone else or stored away and rotated in and out of your play area. Just because you own a lot of toys doesn’t mean every single one of them needs to be out and laying around the house. Pick a few and then swap them around every few weeks with those you might have put in tubs and tucked away.


  • Chris R

    Great article Katrina. I have kitchen gadgets, old towels, bed linen and magazines to cull and our garage may still have cupboards of kids toys and my boys are in their 30’s, they need to go asap. Don’t get the no top sheet thing though considering all summer that is all we sleep under. Cannot wait for cooler days to get started.

  • Coco

    Hi Katrina.
    I have recently begun a culling phase. The kitchen is next. I have a blender that was included in our kitchen upgrade 10 years ago, but cannot recall ever using it. I feel bad getting rid of it because it was expensive – it is next to go! We have minimal towels, 2 sets each. I must say, I like using a top sheet as it saves us washing the Doona cover every change.
    Love your shared ideas.

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