DIY simple low-tox surface spray

Here’s a simple surface spray.

You probably already have On Guard sitting in your kit. Make sure you use this oil every day.

Toss out the chemicals and switch to this. It works!

I decided about 10 months ago I was going to reduce the toxicity around my home and on my body. It was to help my mood, my energy and overall health. You can read more about that here. Plus I was doing a disservice to my kids and their own health/hormones. I have 3 teen boys and CALM is good in our house ha!

Also, it’s much cheaper to go low-tox. Seriously it is! You can make up batches of low-tox cleaning products which lasts months and months. I have some more recipes here.

You’ll just need 3 things

  • Bottled or boiled and cooled water – tap water can grow bacteria, so make sure you use boiled or bottled water.
  • White vinegar – it is ideal for most all-purpose cleaning because it’s acidic, is a great disinfectant, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It’s perfect on mould, grease and mineral deposits in the shower.
  • Essential oils: powerful and effective because of their antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal properties.

I’ve chosen to use the doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend (clove, eucalyptus, wild orange, cinnamon and rosemary). You can read more here about why CLOVE oil is so good for cleaning.


  • Glass trigger spray bottle. This one is 250ml and you can see where to buy bottles here.
  • 20 drops On Guard essential oil
  • Half fill with white vinegar
  • Top with cooled boiled water

You can use this spray EVERYWHERE! Bathrooms, kitchen sink, laundry, dining table… The best part is that you have all these ingredients at home ready to top up your bottle when you’re running low.

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How do you start with essential oils? Read this post!

♥ KC.

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