DIY fake plant hanging pot

I wanted a fake hanging plant, but they are so expensive (well I think they are!). So of course I decided to come up with my own idea… My son has always had a real hanging plant in his bedroom (you’ll see below), but he’s had about 3 lately as they just don’t love it in that space. This means a fakey was going to be in order.

I went to Bunnings and grabbed one of those $15 artificial square panels. Have you seen them? Not the big hedge, but the tile. I’ve linked to it here.

I already had a basket and macrame hanger.

I chopped the square panel in to strips. On the back you’ll actually see that it’s made in 4 strips, so I just chopped it following that.

I tied them together (because there were holes in the top pieces).

Then I pinned it to the basket. Ta-dah! I also had to put a piece of timber in the back of the basket to even out the weight as it was front heavy.

Now I am as happy as a pig in mud. Easily fixed with a quick $15 DIY.

♥ KC.


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