8 simple tips for a clean & fresh bedroom

Considering we all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms hoping to get good sleep, relax more or overcome illness, then making sure this space is clean and fresh is important.

Less toxins, more cleanliness is easy to achieve.

Poor Air Quality

1. Open bedroom windows – The first step to a clean fresh bedroom is to allow it to air out regularly. Open windows every day, unless it’s a blizzard out there! Even if it’s cool outside I like to open my windows just for a little bit each day. It’s also very good Feng Shui to keep that air flow moving around. You’ll also sleep better when the air is slightly cooler.

2. Indoor plants – Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So whilst we are sleeping, the plants are refreshing the air.

3. Purify – A diffuser is an efficient way to maintain a fresh bedroom by removing dangerous pollutants and agitating allergens like dust mites, pollen and pet smells from the air. Plus, when you’re using the right oils you can open your airways (good for the snorer!) and create a much calmer sleeping environment. A diffuser is a must in my bedroom.


4. Clean and dust – Even with a diffuser, you need to dust and vacuum regularly to keep dirt and dust mites to a minimum.

5. Wash bedding – It’s best to wash your bedding weekly. Skin cells, grime, and dust mites collect on your bedding and are often the cause of allergies and breathing difficulties. Hang your bedding in the sun to dry.

6. Air out your bed – Fling back the sheets, fluff up the pillows, and give everything a few minutes to air before you make your bed in the morning. Airing out the bed for awhile before making it can help reduce the moisture and reduce the number of dust mites as well.

Hidden Toxins

7. Candles – Most of us have candles for ambience. I got rid of all of mine last year because I am trying to live a more low-tox lifestyle. Conventional candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum by-product and contribute to asthma and other health issues. Surprisingly, formaldehyde, toluene, carbon tetrachloride and benzene are emitted throughout your home from lighting candles, so instead of using those toxin-laden candles, try 100% pure beeswax candles instead.

8. Chemical-Free Pillow – The bad news is that popular memory foam pillows have some serious issues with off-gassing. These can cause headaches, nausea and eye irritation. Swap for ones made with organic materials, like wool or feathers, or at least a safer foam like a natural latex foam.

♥ KC.

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