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9 simple Feng Shui principles for your home

Feng Shui literally means connecting people to their environment where we can live in harmony with our surroundings.

Your house is full of energy – good and bad. Any bad energy left around can be a result of negative feelings, thoughts, events, and stress that you have experienced in your home/office. Your house is like a sponge! Whatever takes place in your environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings, and objects. These negative energies accumulate in the corners and are tucked away in places you can’t even see. Also, if you’ve had a negative event happen recently or a lot of sadness or fear, you just need to cleanse your space. This can be done with a few simple tips. You can bring back the positives!

So how do you start removing the negative energy OR retaining that good energy? It’s pretty easy, you just need to be aware of it it. Feng Shui is a fantastic technique to improve the balance of energy in your home while creating an environment of peace, serenity, and prosperity.

My girlfriend is moving house in a couple of weeks and she asked the other day should she toss out a heap of her old stuff and get new things? We agreed it’s probably just wasteful, all she needed was some good Feng Shui principles in the new home (we’ll also do a space clearing with white sage to smoke out the energy).

You don’t need full knowledge of Feng Shui to implement a few simple changes in your home. Just a few easy decorating/cleaning tricks will help.

Let’s go!

1. Keep your kitchen clean – this is the hub of the home, the centre of all of your conversations and activity. Negative energy holds on to things, so if you have a clear space, you’ll have free flowing positive energy.

2. No clutter in the entry – Creating good chi (the universal word for good energy) through our front door is what helps our home get nourishment. A good strong front entry gives a better quality of energy for those who live in the house. This means it’s clear from clutter, it’s welcoming, there are no shoes out the front, it’s easy to come in and out of and the colour can even make a difference. If the lock sticks or the door needs to be slammed shut to close it, then you may need to fix.

3. Keep bathroom and toilet doors closed – Seeing as money and wealth relates to water we don’t want our money being flushed away! Shut the doors and always put the lid down. Extra tip – make sure your mirrors are clean so as to not block the flow of energy.

4. No mirrors across from your front door – If any good energy comes in it will immediately be bounced back outside.

5. No bright colours for the kids – I guess this is common sense. If you want the kids to be calm and sleep well then soft colours in their bedroom would be obvious.

6. Fix broken things – Get out the super glue, find the Allen key, repair that leaking tap, change the light bulb… You don’t want to unnecessarily attract broken or damaged energy, so make sure you keep on top of home maintenance. When you ignore broken things you’re not attracting abundance. When you DO pay attention to broken items you’re setting your intentions to fix things, move forward and not be in a spot of neglect.

7. Add plants – Plants add colour, life, oxygen and positive energy to your home. I wrote a post on indoor plants and feng shui over here if you’re interested in reading about their benefits. I have recently put a Chinese Lucky Plant in the south-east corner of my home (which coincidentally is in my home office – let the good energy flow in there!)

8. Unruly Cords – Ooooo this is my favourite! I cannot handle the unruly cord. I am like the cord ninja. I am so quick to hide any messy looking wires. It goes without saying – energy in those cords should be hidden away. Creativity is most certainly blocked if cords are hanging around. Not only does this apply in the office, but same for your bedroom, the tv room, the kitchen. Pinterest has a multitude of cord hiding ideas.

9. Lighten your space – if you have a dark area in your home can you add more lighting (with a lamp or even add a skylight)? Darkness attracts negativity while light attracts good fortune and positive vibes.

See, that’s not too hard is it?! I’m sure you have a couple of little things you can implement today? I LOVE anything to do with Feng Shui (can’t you tell haha).

♥ KC.

Here’s a blog post I wrote on how to use Feng Shui for money and abundance. Also, how to use crystals for good Feng Shui.

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