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10 Feng Shui Tips for Money & Abundance

Feng Shui means connecting people to their environment where we can live in harmony with our surroundings. But let’s be real, we’d all like some more money – it’s a natural survival instinct to want more. If there are some simple ways we can try and get more money in to our homes, then I’m all for it! If that means I’m upping my Feng Shui game, then bring it on 😉

When I feel like I am in a rut, or work isn’t flowing, or I am unwell I always think the energy around me needs to change. I have a good clean up put a few Feng Shui practices in to play – out comes the compass so I can work out my lucky spaces (more on that below)!

The energy left around can be a result of negative feelings, thoughts, events, and stress that you have experienced in your home/office. Your house is like a sponge! Whatever takes place in your environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceilings, and objects. These negative energies accumulate in the corners and are tucked away in places you can’t even see. Also, if you’ve had a negative event happen recently or a lot of sadness or fear, cleanse your space immediately.

Here are some easy tips to get more money and abundance in to your life…

1. Clear your clutter

Your house is like a sponge, and it holds on to bad energy when you have too many things surrounding you. You need to be solid in your decision when it’s time to edit everything around you. If furniture and items can hold on to negative energy, then it’s time to start a big declutter in your home or office. I really relate to this one. Pack stuff up and put it away or throw it out. Kitchen benches need to be clear. So do your work spaces. Negative energy needs things to hang on to, so keeping your home clutter free you’re not giving it a chance to hang around!

2. Broken things

Get out the super glue, find the Allen key, repair that leaking tap, change the light bulb… You don’t want to unnecessarily attract broken or damaged energy, so make sure you keep on top of home maintenance. When you ignore broken things you’re not attracting abundance. When you DO pay attention to broken items you’re setting your intentions to fix things, move forward and not be in a spot of neglect.

3. Clean your front door

The front door is where energy (Chi) enter your home. Maye sure it’s free of dust and cobwebs and opens freely. Does it even need a coat of paint?

4. Fix leaky taps

Money and water together are very symbolic. If a tap is dripping, or the toilet doesn’t flush properly then it’s time to get those issues sorted. We don’t want money being “flushed” down the sink or toilet!

5. Indoor plants

Plants add colour, life, oxygen and positive energy to your home. I wrote a post on indoor plants and Feng Shui over here if you’re interested in reading about their benefits. I have recently put a Chinese Lucky Plant in the south-east corner of my home (which coincidentally is in my home office – let the good energy flow in there!)

6. Keep bathroom and toilet doors closed

Seeing as money and wealth relates to water we don’t want our money being flushed away! Shut the doors.

7. Clean your windows

Windows represent your vision. If they are dirty this can be blocking your view on prosperity and what’s in front of you. Clean windows are said to help attract new opportunities with this clear vision.

8. Find your money area

There is a such a thing called your Feng Shui kua number. Knowing this number and working with it can help you define good energy in certain areas of your home or office. So then when you know your lucky number, you need to match that with a direction. Now you won’t be doomed if you don’t know your number and direction haha, but it’s nice to be able to feel an area in your home could do with some extra attention in the hope it’ll provide more luck and wealth. In my lucky corner at home I have some crystals, a money jar and a plant.

9. Mirrors

In the home mirror are best placed in living and dining areas. Mirrors which reflect the dining table doubles the food which signify wealth and abundance. It means that you’ve got plenty and more – always – for yourself and your family. Try to keep them out of the bedroom though.

10. Use crystals

Citrine is considered ideal for boosting self-esteem and creating positive energy in any location. It’s known as the wealth stone. It can boost finances and positive cash flows. Place the stone in the money area of a home as a wealth cure (I have some in the south east corner of my home office – where I work and pay bills!). Also use small pieces of Pyrite. It looks like gold! Be sure to touch it often. I sell crystals here if you’re looking to add some to your home.

I hope you enjoyed these little tips today! I’m off to clean some windows and fix the front door which keeps sticking.

♥ KC.

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