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A custom designed pool to die for

If you want to see luxury, harmony and the perfect balance of style and design, then you must check out this stunning pool and spa combo.

You know when you’re flicking through the socials or pinterest and come across something so good, that you look at it over and over? I’ve got it all sorted in my head too… I can just picture myself sitting here enjoying and soaking up every moment.

This breathtaking project from is BLUE HAVEN POOLS.

This pool and pavilion combination, located on the water in Sans Souci (southern Sydney suburb), screams of luxury. With a goal to enhance the clients’ outdoor entertainment area, the pool and spa sit in harmony and accentuate that surrounding natural beauty. Travertine tiles outline the pool, and pure white glass beads add a glamorous touch to the finish.

This project perfectly reflects BLUE HAVEN’s unique navigation of each pool, this time addressing the challenges of the required seawall (not to mention building with the rising tides and water table). Ultimately, the finished area invites endless evenings and sun-soaked days – or a perfect patch to take in necessary Vitamin D once the weather cools.

How do you design a custom made pool?

  • Make sure it compliments the existing surroundings
  • Use similar colours. Nothing contrasting to take away from the already gorgeous view
  • Use a light, bright and neutral palette
  • Integration is key. When designing a concrete pool consider how it will tie into the overall living area of the backyard and landscape. The goal is to make it look like a fully integrated feature and not an afterthought.
  • Use raw materials where you can (Travertine always for the win)
  • Make sure the accompanying entertaining area has layers of texture and flows to the pool seamlessly.

You can find out more about this project here.

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