Which vase for your flowers?


Last week I wrote a post on how to upstyle a $5 bunch of flowers, and while I had all the flowers out I thought I’d show you which vase I’d use for them…

I don’t usually buy tall flowers, or if they are tall I tend to cut them down a bit. It’s just my personal preference and I have my favourite spots where I sit them, and usually a middle to small size vase works best for me.


I have this test-tube vessel which suits singular flowers, or cuttings. This was from a craft store, but I have noticed Kmart is doing similar ones lately. I usually put the 3 roses in it, or I just grab small sprigs from the garden or hedges.


These 2 milk-bottle style vases are also a favourite of mine. I always use them together and I split the roses in 2. I do sit them next to each other on my coffee table just like above. Splitting the bunch in 2 works well if the opening of the vase is narrow.


This is a copper candle thingy I got from Kmart but I use it for succulents, or large cuttings from the garden. So if you use bushy, or thick heavy foliage, use a vase that’s wide and open, not narrow.


I don’t even know what these flowers are called? Anyone? But they are taller, and have quite a lot of bushy leaves. The leaves extend all the way down the stem so I pick a few off, but I always use a coloured vase for this style. The stems are messy and usually end up slimy and the water discolours easily. If you know the water will end up brown or the stems are ugly, then use a coloured or solid base on the vase.



The light bulb vase looks awesome with a couple of roses poking out the top. The bushy leaves balance the base out. When the vase is narrow at the top, but wide at the bottom, the leaves poking out the top look great.

Using jars you have at home is always the best way to go. Jam jars and coffee jars are always on my shelves waiting to be used. They work well because you can loosely add flowers to them, they are smaller and therefore they don’t require as much arranging and fiddling.

Hope you whizz out and buy a fresh bunch of flowers today. There’s nothing better! ♥ KC.


  • Nadia

    Vases are key! I have so many that my husband thinks I have issues. I am a florist so as I tell him it comes with the territory. The pink flowers you have are a variety of button chrysanthemums. So pretty. To keep your water cleaner for longer make sure you strip the leaves off the stems that are in the water. I use an old tea towel or chux cloth to get a clean stem. They will last a couple of weeks if you keep the water fresh!

  • Maria Stephenson

    Love the first test tube flower vases. I put some of mine in plain glass single rose vases especially the crystal ones.

  • Maria Stephenson

    Lovely but I go for the test tube vases as I love single rose vases.

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