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I started a new Facebook group!

Howdy! Soooo because I don’t already have enough social media in my life I decided to start a new Facebook group where anyone can post in it!

Come and join?


I’m sure you’re in lots of Facebook groups already and you know how it works! Start a topic, post a photo, ask a question….

  • Maybe you’re building a new house and want to ask something?
  • Share your painting efforts?
  • Tell us about a recipe?
  • Maybe you’ve seen a good bargain?

It’s all about DIY, interiors, health, motivation, organising, building/renovating… It’s brand new and has nothing in it, so be the first ones to kick it off! xx

I’d love to have you over there. Click here to join and don’t forget to post a question (and invite all of your friends too)! We’ve got over 500 members in just 24 hours, so I am hoping it will be such an awesome group for you all.

♥ KC.

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