Cheap Gift Alert! Style a bunch of $5 flowers


I love a bargain and a bunch of $5 flowers are right up there! But they look pretty average wrapped in their plastic. If you want to give someone a gift, but are embarrassed to give it to them wrapped like below, then today I have some really easy and cheap ways to style them up…


I bought nothing new. These were all things I had around the house. Some wrapping paper, butchers paper, a bit of hessian, some rope and wool…


The pink roses are just the cutest! I used a square of white butchers paper first, then a smaller piece of printed wrapping paper and wound it around the bunch. I held it all in place with a few twists of the wool. Taaa-dahhh…


For the next bunch I simply cut up a scrap of fabric (and kept a little strip for the tie) and wrapped it around. I had a gift tag and a tiny peg to finish it off. So easy and it looks much better! Of course you can use any fabric and gift tag. You could even make your own gift tag.


The last one is my favourite. I like a bit of hessian. I had this scrap piece in my cupboard. I knew I’d kept it for some reason.


Again, I just messily wrapped it around and kept it all together with a length of rope. I remember buying it to put around a pot and it was a couple of dollars from Spotlight. A cute little hot pink gift tag topped it off!



There you go! Two pretty bunches of flowers for $5 each with a couple of scraps from around my house to jazz them up.


Happy creating! ♥ KC.


  • Kimberly

    Love Aldi $5 flowers! The roses last SO long! x

  • Aster Flowers

    These looks soooo beautiful and rustic! I love the whole look!

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