A trial of the new Wertheim 7 Series Vacuum

Brought to you by Godfreys.

This week I’ve been trialling the brand new Wertheim 7 Series vacuum from Godfreys. Don’t you get excited when I new cleaning product arrives? Well I do anyway! There are so many vacuums on the market and sometime you just need a big powerful friend to get some serious cleaning done. The Wertheim 7 picks up more than 36% more dirt* than the best selling bagless vacuum cleaner. So I was keen to see how it performed!

The Wertheim 7 Series bagged vacuum cleaner is the ultimate in cleaning.

The vacuum comes with many handy tools to make the job easier.


The Digital Power Control allows you to easily change the suction power to suit different cleaning tasks with ease.

This is the Powerhead. It deeply cleans carpets by effectively lifting and removing deeply embedded dust and dirt.

Featuring Whirlwind Power Pulse technology in the power head, the all new Wertheim 7 Series will effectively clean your home by removing deeply embedded dust & dirt from your carpets. It has a handy foot tool where you can remove the head without battling to get it off.

This is the Combination Floor Tool. It’s a multi purpose combination floor tool which easily switches from a carpet cleaning tool to a hard floor tool. The swivel neck and plastic wheels make this floor tool easy to manoeuvre.

The on-board storage (under the hood as I like to say!) holds the 3-in-1 accessory tool suitable for upholstery, soft dusting and crevices. This one was my ultimate favourite. You know how some tools can mark your skirting and walls if not careful? Well this little tool has a rubber end and flexible edge which can get in to those tricky spots – leaving no marks.

It is quite a heavy machine, so not one I will have out every day of the week. But it was great for a big weekly clean. The power was impressive and my carpets have never looked better!

Godfreys has Oxipay, so you can pay for the Wertheim 7 in 4 instalments (and with free delivery!). You can read more about the Wertheim 7 Series here.

Happy cleaning ♥ KC.

*Independent laboratory tested 2017. GFK Australian Sales Data May 2017.

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  • Sum

    Aren’t these the BEST!!! I’ve had mine for about 8 or so years now and the cleaning of the floors, especially the carpet is next to none! I just can’t go back to other vacuums now after having the power head get into my carpet. Yeah it can be a bit more awkward to move around than maybe some of the lighter ones, but what a waste of time using the others when they don’t clean the floors as well.

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