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Where you shouldn’t waste your money before selling your home

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the short-term you might be wondering what’s worth adding, or not adding to the home. There’s certainly some parts of the home that aren’t as important to everyone. Not all homeowners want fancy gardens or cabinetry. Adding those features to your home (especially if you’re selling it!) could be a big fat waste of your dollar.

Here’s some tips on where you shouldn’t waste your money…

Designer fixtures and fittings

Not many people can tell the difference between actual marble and a reconstituted stone. Or a high-end loo. There’s no need to upgrade these things if you’re getting to sell.

A high-maintenance garden or pool

New owners may not have the time or know-how to maintain fancy gardens that need a lot of work. Low maintenance gardens (and no pool) is usually more appealing.

Luxe cabinetry

Everyone loves storage, but if you intend on selling, you won’t need to pour additional funds into bespoke walk-robes and dressing rooms. Living rooms and rumpus rooms also don’t need custom made cabinetry. People who choose to move in may not need/want. Flat packs even do a great job these days.

A half-baked reno

If you’re going to do a makeover before you sell, share the love around the whole property. It’s not beneficial to pour all your money into a fancy new kitchen but neglect to paint the laundry.

Modernising a period home

Never strip a period home completely of its features. It’s better to tidy them up, leave them and let new owners completely restore them. A period home definitely needs to go to someone who has the passion to keep those features.

Improvements you can’t see

New heating or cooling systems, integrated sound systems, special electrical upgrades fall into the category of “invisible improvements” and rarely offer a good return on investment when you’re about to sell.

Dodgy DIY

Even if you’re handy, some jobs need to be given to professionals. Especially when you’re putting your house on the market.

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