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Where to buy floral wallpaper and decals for girls nursery or bedroom

I don’t have little girls, but I see that floral wallpaper and decals are very popular in the nursery and bedrooms at the moment. Especially the peonies, which are said to represent good fortune. Bonus! Today I thought I’d hunt around and find the best places to buy from…

This beautiful digital mural will instantly transform a tired wall in need of a glamorous refresh. Featuring an eye-catching moody floral design in statement black and purple this luxurious wall mural will create a breath-taking feature within the home. [buy here]

This beautiful black and white version of the peony and rose wallpaper will add that WOW factor to any room in your home! This wallpaper design includes a collection of stunning, large watercolour peonies, roses and leaves on a soft white background. Each element is designed to look like it’s hand painted onto your wall.  [buy here]

Each decal has been created using a stunning brush effect making each element look like it has been hand painted onto your wall. The decals are printed full colour onto a peel and stick, polyester fabric material. [buy here]

Flourish your wall with the intricacies of spring, each peony in different stages of bloom. These soft and light coloured flower are sure to impress, dress your space up or down with the Blushing Peonies decal pack. Layer leaves and flowers—or arrange them throughout a space—to achieve whatever look makes your heart bloom. [buy here]

All of us weren’t born with a green thumb (some of us can’t even keep succulents alive). But with the Vintage Floral decal pack, enjoy all the perks of a thriving garden without making tiny plants angry. Each flower and leaf is freestanding, allowing you to “plant” a romantic wall garden of your own design. Space and place flowers, layer leaves, and create the feminine vintage wallpaper of your sweetest-smelling daydreams. [buy here]

Springtime is peak season for peonies, but keep them blooming all year-long with the Peony Flowers Wall Sticker. The contemporary design and color palette of this wall sticker compliments modern spaces and updates more traditional decor. This Wall Sticker makes a bold and elegant statement alone, but can also refresh an accent wall or add a bright wash of color to an existing collection of art and photographs. [buy here]

This watercolor floral arch wallpaper is artistic and gorgeous with some bright colours. [buy here]

This beautiful boho floral wall decal will add that WOW factor to your little girl’s room or nursery! [buy here]

This wallpaper design includes a collection of pretty pink roses, grey foliage and a light grey background. [buy here]

A vintage style with deep, rich colour this decal packs a punch. [buy here]

This decal can be turned to use on either the left or right corner of your wall. [buy here]

Happy shopping! ♥ KC.


  • kelly mcclure

    and if your willing to wait, the most beautiful decals from Rocky mountain decals which can be found on insta.
    I will be doing Annas bedroom over when we return from europe.
    Cant wait to use them.

  • Anonymous

    Sam Norris look at the peonies decals ❤️❤️❤️

    • Anonymous

      Have already got my order in for both rooms!!

    • Anonymous

      Sam Norris must know you too well x

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