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What inspires YOU?

Do you get that buzz when you’ve had an awesome day? Like when you’ve totally smashed the day, got lots done and feel really inspired? I have those days every now and then. I wake up the next day hoping to repeat the day before, but it doesn’t always happen! Staying inspired and motivated keeps things ticking along nicely and makes the days ahead so much better.

Sometimes though it’s really hard be on top of things…. Life just gets in the way! But you can pull yourself out of that. You can get back on top of things. You might just need a little shove in the right direction.

What do YOU do when you feel your motivation is lacking? What about when you look around at other people and wonder how they get things done and always seem on top of their daily tasks? How come they seem to be doing so well at things??

Here are some of my tips:

► A quick trip away

A change of scenery makes you think clearer. Take a day trip, a drive, a walk… If you can sneak in an overnight trip somewhere then that’s even better. Sometimes a new place, new views and new memories can invigorate your mojo.

► Having things to do daily keeps you motivated

If the days are always the same it becomes monotonous and very boring. Find tasks to complete. Write a list, tick them off. Join a Facebook group or a blog challenge. Some of those de-clutter online challenges are very cool. Keeps you accountable and give you something to look forward to.

► Don’t make your job a chore

Love what you do! It’s the old favourite saying though isn’t it? Easier said than done because our jobs pay our bills. But learning to like it each day (or striving towards a promotion, or a change) will keep you inspired and more focused on bigger and better things.

► Eat the frog first

Simply put, you want to do the things you need to do but don’t want to do first. This way you’ve done the ‘worst’ thing already and are happier to do the other tasks by comparison. I try to do this most days. It helps me quickly move on with the day and sets the tone on how I will finish up.

► Freshen up your space often

Every time you clean your home you are removing negative energy. Cleaning your home or workspace will make it lighter and more positive. This is a result of organising, ridding yourself of things you no longer need and removing toxic items from your environment.

► Take a walk

Open your eyes and breathe it in. I am a shocker on this one. Sometimes you can find me out and about early in the morning for 3 weeks in a row and then nothing for 3 months. I am up and down and hot and cold. Sometimes I am motivated to get out when the sun is coming up, other times I’m happy to sit on my computer. BUT on the days I do get outside and move I feel much better for it.

► Deadlines

Most people actually work better when under pressure. I am lazy if I don’t have to be pushed to the limit. I like being under the pump because I always get a lot more done. If it’s school holidays and I really don’t have to be anywhere then I don’t do much! So I am always unmotivated and uninspired. Give me a deadline and I’m all over it. You can also make deadlines for yourself. Stick it on the fridge and tell yourself a certain thing has to be done by that time. I do it with the folding of the washing. I might want to watch a tv show but I’ll say “I have to fold all of this and put it away in 20 minutes before I sit down.”

► Care less about the outcome

Caring too much about what others think robs us of our creative sense. It forces us to second-guess ourselves and prevents us from actually making our own choices for fear that the outcome won’t meet a ‘made-up’ standard set by someone else. Care less about what other people think and care less about the outcome. Just do it!

What inspires you? What keeps you motivated?


  • Dani Stevens

    Thank you beautiful Katrina for sharing. Love your work which totally inspires me XxDani

  • Maxabella

    Such a lovely post and so wonderful to be a small part of it. I totally love your final point: to care less about the outcome changes everything. I’m going to work on that one!! x

  • Maxabella Loves

    A post that’s like a breathe of fresh air. So lovely to be part of it, Kat. Thanks for having me. x

  • A-M

    Can I also add, ‘what they all said’?! What an inspiring post. Thanks for including me pet. A-M xx

  • Fleur Horsley

    Oh wow! I’m in good company! Great to be part of it x x

  • JF Gibson

    Things like this inspire me! Hearing what inspires others and the everyday joys that light up people’s faces. I think inspiration is infectious and makes you feel better about everything. Good books, beautiful writing, music, the language of dance and theatre, the imagination of children, the buzz of writing words – so much inspires me. x

  • Jennie Meiklejohn

    What a fabulous post for a Monday morning Katrina – and particularly a school holidays Monday morning!! I’m motivated by my many “to-do” lists – they keep me honest. But I’m inspired by all the wonderful creative people that I surround myself with at River & Wren. They inspire me to work hard to keep the market at its very best so that our community can also be inspired by the wonderful creativity that we’re fortunate to find locally.

  • Rebecca

    Excellent tips! Thanks for the inspiration. Love it ?

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