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The Block 2020: Studio & Garage Reveals

Sarah and George | Week 11 | Studio and Garage    

SCORE 29 ½ /30

It’s been a joy to see Sarah and George finish so strongly on The Block, with this week being their best yet. The judges loved the fact their garage had some storage and artwork of local Brighton landmarks. Upstairs in the beautiful studio, Sarah and George had a laundry, kitchenette, bed, bathroom, and work from home space. The bathroom style of terrazzo tiles was a huge hit and the workmanship was spot on.  Sarah and George are peaking at the right time, after a really tough start to the grind of The Block.

You can SHOP Sarah & George here. My favourite this week is the Hezron Bedside Table.

Jimmy and Tam  | Week 11 | Studio and Garage 

SCORE 29 /30

Every week Jimmy and Tam set themselves apart with a different approach from the rest of the couples and this week was no different. Their garage features a fully installed home gym with television. In the era of Covid-19 gym restrictions in Melbourne, this is a huge plus.  Upstairs they had the most obvious work from home space, with a galley style kitchenette that morphed into a desk.  A huge sofa bed that can be pulled out to turn the space into a bedroom. Yet another very strong week for Jimmy and Tam.

You can SHOP Jimmy & Tam here. My favourite this week is the Hugo Sideboard.

Daniel and Jade | Week 11 | Studio and Garage 

SCORE 25.5/30

A B+ for effort from the judges for Daniel and Jade, who have been consistent all throughout their journey on The Block. The fact they had a toilet in the garage was a huge value add to the property, so close to the pool and back garden. The judges were devastated to see the staircase not finished. The way they presented the studio space was like a bedroom, which means House No.3 has six bedrooms on The Block. Shaynna thought it would have been better to incorporate more of a home office space, as six bedrooms is probably too much for the average family in Brighton. The work from home space they did have – a small desk with no power point – was a disappointment for the judges. The bathroom was a decent effort. With one of two changes, Daniel and Jade could have had a much higher score.

You can SHOP Daniel & Jade here. My favourite this week is the Hadi Natural Tree Stump Stool.

Luke and Jasmin | Week 11 | Studio and Garage  25 ½  /30

Walking in the judges loved the practical storage in the garage, Luke and Jasmin didn’t go over the top and you don’t have to when delivering such a space. Unfortunately they had issues with their plasterer and the staircase wasn’t finished, much to the devastation of Jasmin. The judges loved the Velux skylights in the studio. Velux has done an incredible job this year throughout The Block. Everything was beautiful, the bed, the kitchenette, and the bathroom. However functionality wise, the judges felt the bathroom needed a door, and once again there should have been a more obvious work from home space.

You can SHOP Luke & Jasmine here. My favourite this week is the Zaira Bedside Table.

Harry and Tash | Week 11 | Studio and Garage   20/30

Serious budget issues once again hampered Harry and Tash’s efforts this week as they delivered and unfinished studio and garage. With a large kitchen, bed and a bathroom, the studio is completed self-contained adding huge value to House No.1.  The judges felt the kitchen was too big for the space, and they could have had a more obvious work from home space. While they loved the tile choices in the bathroom which was unfortunately unfinished, they thought the layout could have been more functional. They did love the beautiful artwork in the studio. So a lot of potential for Harry and Tash’s studio and garage, but unfortunately because of budget issues and time, they didn’t quite get there.

You can SHOP Harry & Tash here. My favourite this week is the Luxury Velvet Quilt Cover.

What did you think this week?

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♥ KC.

Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.

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  • Ava | HIREtrades

    Great job everyone! I personally love how Sarah and George transform their studio and garage. Everything from color combination to the materials and furniture installed.

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