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18 things to declutter today

Here’s a list of 18 things I bet you can get rid of today. We all have some of these random items laying around. What’s the worst that could happen if you got rid of it? I always ask myself this when I’m in a mood for tossing stuff. I don’t feel guilt, I think about how much lighter I will feel once the clutter is gone…


If they’ve seen their day, don’t fit as well anymore or you haven’t worn them for a few seasons then it’s time to go. My boys accumulate lots of shoes, thongs, footy boots and school shoes. I grab a garage bag occasionally and have a big toss.

Old food

Hidden in the back of the pantry I bet you have condiments, packets and tins that have seen their use-by dates.


Do you save school notes, receipts, junk mail in a kitchen drawer? Yep, I do! Every now and then I have a good cull. It takes about 5 minutes tops.

Beauty products

Half used creams I don’t even like, empty razor blades, hair ties, empty toothpaste, used deodorant cans… I find myself often editing the bathroom drawers!

Old clothes

The older I get the less adventurous I become with my clothes. I have my staples. My boys grow like weeds so the clothes thing in our house gets a good cull when the season start to change.

Extra blankets

I purged ours a couple of weeks ago. They take up a lot of space and we all only need one each, so it was time to toss (I actually donated).

Pairs that are no longer

Socks, earrings, shoes. I bet you have a few odd ones laying around.


That you’ve read, or won’t read. That goes for magazines too.

Unused appliances

Got an egg maker, or yogurt maker taking up space? Off they go! If you’re not using these often then are just taking up space.


Ah yes, I have a basket full of these. Time to go! I don’t even know what half of them belong to anyway and they can’t be important if I haven’t used them for years.

Out of date medicines

Do you have a box of medicines? Time to toss out of date pills and old scripts.

Old towels

Treat yourself to a new set and ditch the old scratchy faded towels.

Broken things

Don’t hold on to things that need repairing if you really know deep down you won’t get it sorted. Fix it now, or toss and move on.

Half-used candles

Personally I stay away from using candles in my home because they are full of toxic ingredients. But I haven’t always been like that and I used to have half used candles that I didn’t really love but held onto for some day.

Water bottles

Do you have a drawer or cupboard dedicated to water bottles? I have to purge it every now and then. Lids might be missing and some look worse for wear.


This is includes throw cushions. I tend to breed those! Every now and then I collate of pile of homewares or cushions I don’t love and I either have a quick Facebook sale or I donate them. I feel much lighter when all of this is gone.

Cleaning products

Do you have a selection of bottles of half empty cleaners? Or maybe you want to try more enviro friendly and make your own? You don’t need 5 different cleaners…I clean my whole house with 1 bottle of cleaner.

Shelves, dressers or storage tubs

If you’ve completed a good declutter then it’s time to get rid of extra ‘storage items’. People often buy storage systems and then think they will have a massive cull… I say nope, have the clean up FIRST, then only buy what you need to store those items in.

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♥ KC.

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