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What are you doing for YOU?

If you come here often you’ll be sick of me banging on about myself and my dreary health struggles… but I promise I am not being a downer today. No more of that happening here in my little house in Wagga Wagga. I am waking up every day feeling happier and motivated and actually cannot believe some of the time I’ve missed.

I’m not a lifestyle coach or anything, but I am in a good position right now share my inspiration with you. My energy levels are crazy and I have been filling my recent days with fun stuff but also quiet moments. The last few weeks I have been “re-calibrating” and it’s been good.

I’ve been out and about with my friends, and also I’ve been looking for fun little things to attend in Wagga which are just for me. My boys are getting older and don’t need me physically as much anymore (but what they do need is a happy and healthy Mum!) so I am on a path to find more things which fill me up from the inside out.

I thought I’d look around on the internet and find ideas which can help YOU and I in ways to look after ourselves. Plus boost our motivation and productivity across the board.

The number 1 thing you can do this week (or even today) is something for yourself.

I know, the guilt comes in when we hear the words self-care. It feels indulgent. In order to achieve happiness and success in other areas, you need to move your own mental, physical, and emotional health to the top of your priority list. It’s necessary isn’t it? 

What are you doing for YOU today?

Get out

  • Go for a walk on your own (no kids, no bikes, no scooters, no animals).
  • Grab a takeaway coffee on your own.
  • Meet a friend for a bite to eat, a wander through the shops, or a movie. I did this on Saturday and it was so good.


  • Book somewhere for a facial or pedicure, but if that’s not an option, give yourself one at home. Allocate a quiet moment to do these things for yourself. I know this one feels really indulgent, but pretty feet, washed hair and a scrubbed face will instantly lift your vibe!

Stay in

  • Can you get rid of the kids? Ha, nice idea isn’t it?? I’m lucky my boys do head away camping often and leave me at home. I love this time where I can just potter around the house.
  • Watch Netflix.
  • Catch up on some gardening.
  • Catch up on some DIY tasks at home.
  • Put your favourite tunes on.
  • Listen to a podcast.

Treat yourself

  • Burn a candle.
  • Take a bath.
  • Put a face mask on.
  • Buy flowers.
  • Buy indoor plants.
  • Or take a walk and grab some foliage along the way.

Join a group

  • Attend some local events. I have one on today in the park with my friend. We’re going to an essential oils talk. I search for them via Events on Facebook to see what’s happening around my area. I went to one 2 weeks ago all on my own and loved it.
  • Join a group (online even) in your field of choice. Chatting with like-minded people will fill you up. Beats chatting about kids, money and work all the time.

Digital Detox

  • Turn it all off. Hide your phone so you’re not tempted to look at it. Turn off the computer.
  • Spend a little bit of time unsubscribing from emails.
  • Delete email accounts from your phone so you aren’t reading those as often. Leave them to a computer which you only look at periodically. I’ve done this and it’s great!


  • Sounds like a chore doesn’t it? But de-cluttering will clear your head.
  • Clean up – sounds painful, but again outer order creates inner calm. Listen to The Happiness Project podcast and you’ll be so inspired on why a clean surrounding is good for us.


  • Don’t put yourself down. Talk nicely to yourself. You deserve at least that!
  • Practice mindfullness.
  • Write down your goals.
  • Write down your gratitude.

I also find getting up early before everyone else helps set the tone for my day. I always get to write on my blog in peace and I feel quite organised when I get that done. You might like to exercise, do yoga, fold the washing… whatever it is I am a believer that getting up early will set the tone for your day!

I hope today is a good one for you. It’s a public holiday after all so hopefully you have a little time in the day just for YOU. I’m off to the park with my girlfriend for an essential oils talk and blue moon ceremony. I can’t wait.

♥ KC.


  • Anonymous

    I think I’m going to the same class Katrina! I’ve just ordered my oils and can’t wait to learn more about how to use them. See you there x

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the world of essential oils, I can recommend cedar wood rubbed on the sole of the foot and on your big toe for a good nights sleep.
    And to fight off headaches, nausea use peppermint rubbed on the back of the neck

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