5 perfect black kitchens

Black kitchens are brave and very much on trend. They can be very successful when done right. White has been the choice for so long, but recently I’v seen a lot of black being injected in to the hub of the home.

If you’re thinking of doing black here are a few quick tips:

  • Keep in mind the size of the room and the lighting. Black makes things feel smaller.
  • How long will you be in this home? Black does seem to be a trend at the moment, so be weary of it possibly out-dating.
  • Which finish will your use? Gloss or matte? This will be personal preference. Gloss does have a reflective tendency so will open the room up a bit more. Matte seems to be more on trend though.
  • Incorporate a benchtop which is light in colour and has a texture/pattern. Choose a stone or a granite with a fleck or marble look. Concrete goes well to inject an industrial feel.
  • Make sure your work areas are well lit.

Today I went searching for 5 perfect black kitchens and here is what I found! I don’t have a black kitchen, but if I did, I’d be using some of these below as inspiration…

black kitchen

Who can go wrong with the popular concrete/black look. Perfectly balanced and the pop of pastel pink suits the space beautifully. The matte black over head pendants bring it all together. Source.

I’ve seen a couple of new kitchens pop up on the internet with the cut-out in the rear wall. I am falling in love with this look. The timber and matte black look amazing together. Source.

A cafe style kitchen with a touch of rustic thrown in to really show off the black base cupboards. Very cool. Source.

black kitchen

I like the black cupboards bordered with the dark wood. It doesn’t make the space too dark and gives it some balance and texture. Source.

black kitchen

Simple and sleek is showing off here. Mixed with stainless steel, marble and timber floors. This will look great for years to come. Source.


  • T N

    You should Google ‘Jamie and Hayden’s house The Block NZ’ in a couple of weeks or so, as they have done their house in just about all-black … and the kitchen is black-on-black-on-black (reveal is tomorrow night NZ time).

    • Katrina (author)

      Oh I will do that!! Thanks.

  • Kl

    Love the last one Katrina. We have just finished installing a black kitchen and I LOVE it! The countertops show dust though as I wasn’t able to source a matte counter material in the thickness I had planned for the cabinetry. Still glad I persevered with the idea.

  • Steph Perrot

    We did a black with Calcutta marble top almost 4 years ago when we built, I love it and wouldn’t change a thing. Our kitchen is a large open space with great natural lighting, I do agree this is needed for the space/colour to work.

  • Kate Bottrell

    Loooove me a black kitchen! And that first one, black and concrete is pure perfection! <3

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