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Decluttering is good for you

I had such a busy week. You can read about it here. Yesterday I got to spend my Saturday at home without the kids. Lucky me! I never usually miss a footy day, but sometimes you just have to take some time out. I put the day to good use though (although I did catch up on RHOM Reunion special that I had recorded shhh!) and used the time to get my house (and in turn my thoughts) back in order.

For me, a good clean up and putting things back in their place gets my mind back on track. I usually can’t sit to answer emails, or work on websites, or clients until all the chaos over my shoulder is sorted. I knew I had a lot of “stuff” to attend to on my computer, but first my house needed to be sorted. Do you do that too?? My girlfriend has had a lot on her plate recently too and on Thursday night she couldn’t go to bed until things in her house were back in order and chaos and mess was under control. I hear ya I said!

Yesterday I had about 8 hours without any interruptions and I hit the ground running! I did my usual making of the beds, cleaned up the kitchen and bathrooms first.

Here is a list of some of the other things I sorted out:

  • The washing. I didn’t stop until every single item was washed, hung out and brought back in. I put it all away and left nothing. I know it will all be back again today though haha!
  • I watered all my plants, threw out all old cuttings, refreshed the water in vases.
  • I vacuumed under the lounges. Ewwww.
  • I cleaned out the toiletries drawer and threw away anything with a dribble left.
  • I cleaned out my pantry. I took the bin in there, used a step ladder, and starting culling. My walk-in-pantry is a big storage room with school notes, old vases, mail, food… you name it!
  • I wiped over my office. A dirty office feels like bad feng shui and bad vibes to me. So I try to keep it clean and smelling fresh (I am crazy I know haha!).
  • I dusted surfaces and cleaned my mirrors.
  • I washed my cushions on the main lounge we all sit on.

It felt a million bucks later that day when I had control over things again.

So, there you go! Decluttering and cleaning is good for the mind. The family returned with their smelly footy clothes, but I was ready to tackle that load of washing and feed them a huge pot of curried sausages. I was then in bed at 7pm and alseep by 8pm! What a wild Saturday night for me haha!

How do you feel about decluttering and organising??


  • Tina

    Hi Katrina! 🙂

    I must be strange too, because this sounds like my idea of a blissful day.

    Dust holds onto negative energy so that in itself is definitely a good excuse to get cleaning.

    I’ve fallen into a bad trap recently, in that I’ve started ironing absolutely everything before I put it away. And I’ve become very obsessed with ‘filing’ things (Marie Kondo-style) perfectly, and by colour. If I don’t have the time to iron things and put them away properly then I won’t do anything at all … resulting in a massive pile of clean washing that needs attention. Oh well, at least with the cold weather settling in here now I’ll be able to prop the ironing board up in front of the TV and get to it.

    I love cleaning – it feels so therapeutic to me. And I love it when my husband comes home and comments on how lovely the house ‘feels’. 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      I hate ironing!! I will get out of that if I can. I also hate folding the washing. I’ll put it out, bring it in and leave it for too long!

  • Chris Robinson

    I did some decluttering today, more tomorrow hopefully.

  • Lisa

    Hi katrina! Love your blog! Have u watched grace and frankie on Netflix? I think you would love their beach house!

    • Katrina (author)

      No I haven’t – I will have to check it out – thanks!! X

  • Cassandra Holm

    Started today! About twice a year I rearrange rooms etc lol…crazy woman

  • Sum

    Ha Ha Tina that is so funny! I have been giving my house the Kon Mari treatment too! I am exactly the same as you – if I don’t have time to put the clothes away properly they just sit there til I can do it. No one else in the house is allowed to put clothes away if they can’t do it the Kon Mari way. I have only done half my house but just having stored the things I have done the Kon Mari way I feel so relaxed and peaceful about those things. It also means everything does get put away to it’s home and not just shoved into a random place because there’s nowhere else for it to go which will then just end up in a mountain of stuff I never want to deal with. Decluttering is great for the soul yes I agree Katrina and it’s my way of having a really enjoyable day! I love it too! Sometimes you just need time out to get things organised and sorted – which declutters your brain at the same time!

  • Jennie Meiklejohn

    You’ve inspired me Katrina Chambers! I so need to get serious about decluttering.

  • N

    This is what I have planned for my Saturday tomorrow. And I can’t wait!

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