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Warm Your Interiors With These 6 Easy Steps

The temperature has certainly dropped and I’ve been itching to change up our interior in anticipation for the cooler weather.

Home is the best place to be right now and even more so during winter. We can snuggle under throws and warm ourselves near the fire (if you have one) or with a hot beverage in hand.

A warm interior can also keep us cosy and comforted when the weather is less kind.

If you want to create a cosy and warm atmosphere at home, check out these styling tips.

It’s simple to warm your interiors with these 6 easy steps.

  1. Embrace textures and heavier layers

Swap the macramé throw with a thick cable knit blanket and embrace velvet and faux fur. Pom poms and tassels can also add fun and depth to your layers as you swap your cushions and throws for more dense materials which evoke warmth.

Play with layers in the bedroom by swapping summer doonas to a heavier wool doona. Layer the bed with a faux fur throw and don’t be afraid to add more cushions. The plusher the bed, the cosier it will look and feel.

  1. Display Green Branches

Our love for plants will never wane, but they do bring a summer vibe to our interiors. Grab a few green branches from a paperbark tree or eucalyptus and display them in a vase. The muted green of the leaves will bring a more autumnal and wintery look to your interiors.

  1. Diffuse woody and spicy scents

If you have a diffuser, choose woody and spicy scents. These evoke a warm interior through our sense of smell. Cinnamon, cassia, sandalwood and cedar wood are a few to try. They remind us of home baking, which is good for the soul.

Easy air, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree can also assist in keeping air ways open and offer a sense of comfort during the cooler months.

  1. Set up a cosy nook

Create a cosy nook as a warm focal feature within your home. It offers a space for retreat with a good book or magazine.

A cosy nook can be set up using an armchair layered with a throw and cushion.  Add a timber stool with a few books and a candle and you’ve created a mini retreat.

A cosy nook can stir up feelings of comfort and relaxation, which are all things we’re looking for when cooped up at home.

  1. Choose natural materials

Natural materials can ground interiors and they are used to bring warmth to a space.

While we can’t swap our existing furniture, introduce timber, straw and clay accents to your décor by displaying timber bowls or baskets.

Piled firewood can also evoke a warm interior and it’s an affordable way to introduce timber into the home – albeit a practical one too.

  1. Embrace deep and dark tones

A moody colour palette is often sought during cooler months. Mix up your cushions with darker colours like greys, charcoal and navy.  Intersperse with rich tones of rust, mustard and burnt orange to add colour and interest. The mix of moodier colours with autumnal tones will create a cohesive look, perfect for warming your interiors.

♥ KC

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  • Miko

    hey! i really love the designs and steps! Whatever you do is so clean. Thanks for sharing! I want to try this for my next project in Detroit Drywall Services. So great!

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