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Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Christmas


Who’s up for a bit of DIY Christmas Decorations? Do you love this stuff?

I am not a huge seasonal decorator and don’t go overboard at Christmas. Do you?

BUT, I do love the Christmas plates below… check them out!


Add a little interest to your walls. This doesn’t even have to be just for Christmas. Remember when hanging plates on walls was big in the late 90’s? Well, we’re doing it again people. I really love this. Find out how to do it here.


Now this looks good. I like the different take on the traditional wreath. You don’t have to hunt for pine tree branches, pine cones, or willow sticks. Use an old frame and dangle some baubles! Find out more here.


Cutest little Christmas bauble ever! Dip it in 100’s and 1000’s! Go here to see how easy it is!


Finally, look at this Christmas decoration. Made from cutting up old cd’s. So simple. You just glue on the pieces. Check it out here.

Are you winding up for a big Christmas? Or taking it easy this year?

Here’s some other non-Christmas DIY stuff for you to check out!

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