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Tuesday’s Top Shopping Picks


1. Chevron Rug | 2. Alphabet Wall Letters | 3. Denim Ottoman | 4. Map Letter | 5. Cushions | 6. Wall Banner | 7. Cinematic Ampersand | 8. Desk Lamp

Hi! I’m back again this week with some more Top Shopping Picks. I’m addicted. I admit it! I can’t stop looking and finding ideas. Thank you to those businesses who also want to be involved. It makes my job easy when you have some cool stuff to display.

This week I am loving the cushions. Shakira sent me those and they are very fresh and funky! I actually love pretty much everything on this list. I am having a love affair with ampersands at the moment too. I can’t get enough of them.

Happy shopping! I’ll be back with some more goodies next week. Don’t forget my site UNDER 100 DOLLARS. That’s updated daily and you’ll find some cool stuff over there.

See you tomorrow! X


  • Le BHCH

    loving Ness’s & of course 🙂 le xox

  • Ness Lockyer

    Why thank you for the mention Mrs Chambers! i just seen this on IG! I’m off to check out that rug…..
    Ness xx

  • Chris R

    Great finds again Katrina, and the thing that I love the most is, each link leads me to discover even more goodies. Can I say Ness Lockyer your etsy shop is divine.

  • Tegan

    Love your finds

  • Emily

    LOVE 2. Love love love it. Big fan of DTLL but somehow missed this one – thanks!

  • Trish

    Hey Katrina, Love your top picks!!!
    Just wondering what program/app you use to put all your picks on the one image? It looks great and I’d love to know how you do it. Cheers

    • Katrina

      Thanks! I use photoshop for this 🙂

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