Taking the process out of the home buying process

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Have you dreamt of building a new house? Or renovating your current home? Do you want to make memories and create a special place for your family to grow? I bet most of you do! That’s all I’ve ever wanted. My own space to raise kids. I’m a Cancerian, so I am a real homebody and love being in my own ‘castle’.

What if you just need some tools to help you reach these goals? Maybe that dream is closer than you think! Recently I was introduced to the new UrHome app from UBank – your one stop shop to all things property! This is a very cool app. It’s designed to help YOU work out your options. You can decide very easily whether building, renovating, or even refinancing is the best option for you.

When you decide to move house, take on a renovation, or even refinance your current home, all of these decisions can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. My husband and I have done it many times. We’ve built 3 times, renovated twice and bought a couple of times. Each time we’ve decided to move on, I am the one who does all the research. Usually it’s a long process and one I don’t take lightly! Out come the spreadsheets and notepads. I like to cover every base and make sure the end result is going to be the best option for us financially.

I pulled up the new UrHome app and was amazed at how easy it was to use. UrHome helps you choose the right property for your needs and situation – based on value, affordability, personal ratings and improvement costs. I took some screenshots below…

image1 image2

Firstly, you just need to make a list of properties within the app. You can search for properties in the area you like, without leaving the comfort of your lounge room, gaining valuable insights into each of them. The size, location, pictures, estimated stamp duty and even estimated value is available for you. If moving isn’t an option right now but you still need more space for your own pot and pans, or if you need to create more space when you do move, you can cost up a refurbishment!

image3 image4
If you make a list of possible properties, then the app will help you compare all the details in one place. Add almost any property in Australia to your list – whether you’re looking to buy new or refinance. Search a suburb for properties currently on the market – or, search a specific address to find properties that aren’t even for sale. Also such a good way to compare your current home’s value.

Then you can view an estimated value, recent sales info, images, features, agent details, map. Add notes and your own images as you like. Plus you can quickly see and add the estimated costs for a range of possible improvements – kitchen and bathroom renovations, painting, flooring, extensions and many more.


IMG_5406 image7
Instantly view projected loan repayments, based on your deposit or existing loan. Add additional funds, or include improvement costs. Add your income and expenses to see how affordable each property is for you.

When you’ve found your dream home and have decided to pack up the kids and the kitchen sink, the UrHome app can help you along the way with a simple click to begin the home loan application process. When ready, you can apply for a UHomeLoan with just a few simple steps to confirm your details. It helps make the whole property buying process a seamless experience! So easy and it can set you on the right path sooner than you think.

Check it out today. You’ll love this new app. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

Let me know what you think! ♥ KC.

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    This is such a great idea thanks!

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