Cork Accents

I’ve found myself searching Pinterest for interesting DIY projects that are easy and I can complete in only a couple of hours. Decorating cork is inexpensive, easy and it can be used in so many ways! Cork is versatile and has great texture. Although they start with a very neutral colour, you can turn them in to a master piece with a bit of paint.

What about some cork coasters? Mask of some sections and paint with gold and neon..


Refurbish a tired old plain cork notice board with some white paint? Mask off some patterns like the popular chevron and you have a totally new look! Paint on cork dries super fast.


A simple piece of cork can be wrapped around a pot plant with a note pinned to it. So easy and effective! Sheets of cork can be bought on eBay from around $8.


Don’t throw out the corks from your wine bottles! They too can have a decorative use! Drill a tiny hole and pop a succulent inside. They barely need watering so you won’t ruin the cork or make them look worn. For that added special touch, stick a little magnet on the back so they attached to your fridge for some fun! Sheets of magnets can be bought at Spotlight.


Also save your corks and put them around a large glass candle for an effective and decorative look. You don’t have to do anything except throw them in the jar (and keep adding to them!).


If you were clever, you could easily make a shape with your cork.  Instead of throwing them out, they can be put to use to create a lovely display for the walls of any space. Glue them together in the shape of a heart and tie a simple ribbon on the top.

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There’s plenty of inspiration for you. Anyone can complete these projects!

Happy DIY-ing.

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