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Take a peek at the new Spring/Summer collection at Forty Winks

Brought to you by Forty Winks.

They say the best tips for a restful night’s sleep is to limit your food intake before bed, avoid alcohol and avoid caffeine. That’s definitely true, but I think the perfect bed certainly helps. Considering we spend 1/3 of our lives resting in bed, it makes sense the place we lay our head at night suits not only our bodies but that the environment around us is calming and restful. There is nothing better than jumping into bed at night when you cast your eyes over that gorgeous bed-frame or bedhead. I am always tweaking my bedroom and take a lot of pride in how it looks.

You should take a peek at the new Spring/Summer collection now available at participating Forty Winks stores nationally, which boasts all the latest trends and styles. Combining craftsmanship, quality and comfort, detailed finishes feature throughout the inspired collections with upholstered and timber frame combinations, fully upholstered beds, timber suites, playful kids designs as well as discreet storage solutions.

Let’s take a look at some of the new range…


Representing classic design at its best, the Cino is beautifully tailored with a curved wing detail feature and button detail tracing the bed head arc. The Cino bedside tables and tallboy complement this feature masterpiece perfectly, with solid teak in a natural stain, slender legs and curved edges.


Bring a modern edge to your bedroom with the Tara. Clean contemporary lines are softened by the bed’s curved base feature, angled solid pine feet and the beautiful upholstered treatment in Oatmeal with button detail. Shown here with Cino bedside tables and tallboy.


The Emery ticks all of the boxes on a kids’ bedroom checklist, with this single over single bunk featuring a space-saving gas lift. Each space can be tailored with signature pieces, such as a bookcase, desk, toy box and much more.


With a playful sense of maturity, solid pine feet and a fully upholstered classic design finished with a button detail makes the Jasper a stand-out option for any kids’ bedroom space.

I’ve had a look at the prices too and they are very affordable. I am mad for that Cino and the bedhead height – how sumptuous and lavish! I love that Forty Winks is creating inviting sleep spaces for your home to help you wake up wonderful.

Here are 6 bedroom tips to think about after you’ve picked your new bed (this goes for the kids too!)…

  1. Layering– beds look so much more inviting when you successfully layer up the cushions, doona cover and any throw rugs. Stick to similar tones.
  2. Breathing space– give your bed and furniture some space in the room. So don’t overcrowd with large side tables or storage boxes.
  3. Prime real estate– this is usually the place right above your bed (or the sides if you have a large bedhead), so think about using the space to show off gorgeous artwork, or hanging pendants.
  4. Colours– you should pick your wall colour last – after you have the bed and covers. Do you want your space to be dark and moody, or light and inspiring?
  5. Storage– everything away and in its place!
  6. Block out– will light be streaming into your eyes early in the morning? How can you block out the windows so you aren’t woken with the sun every morning (unless you are like me and need to beat the sun every day!). But kids need VERY good block out!

Happy bedroom shopping! ♥ KC.


    • Megan Mitas

      Katrina Chambers yes sorry i love the Cino in your article. But i love wood too!! What do you perfer?

  • Tish Lovell

    Do you know if these are online yet Katrina?

    • Katrina Chambers

      I don’t think so just yet, but do you have a local store at all?

  • Chrissie Taylor

    I love that Jasper bed!! I also love the bed (Cosmo?) with the curved bedhead. Looks slightly retro but still classic. Stop making me want to spend money 🙂 lol

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