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Need some tips when moving house?

EnergyAustralia asked me to contribute my top tip for moving house…. Hmmm I had to think! I have a few tips seeing as I’ve moved quite a few times. We’ve built and renovated numerous times and in doing so we’ve also had to rent while our projects are completed. Also, when I was a kid growing up my Dad was a bank manager and we moved every 3 years or so. My Mum was an expert at moving and she is a master at culling and decluttering. I definitely got my skills from her. I don’t hoard a thing and I am ruthless at throwing things out.

Anyhoo, this would be my biggest tip:

Have a big cull and declutter before you move. Don’t take any unnecessary items with you to your new home because this will make the unpacking process so much more stressful. It’s best to move around from room to room in your old house and be prepared to toss items before you go. Donate what you can and cull before you move rather than thinking about it at the other end. That way when you land at your new home you’ll only be unpacking the important things you want to keep, meaning there’ll be less mess and stress!

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EnergyAustralia asked 3 other bloggers what their tip would be too. Click over to EnergyAustralia’s HUB here and see what Yvette, Skye and Lisa also recommend. Very useful ideas!

Are you moving house too at the moment? What would your tip be?

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  • El Warren

    Label every box with contents and room to go to. move room to room if moving yourself. Eg lounge room to new lounge room it saves so much time.

  • Melinda

    Bubble wrap from Bunnings in BIG rolls is so much cheaper than rolls from post office. I bought a small book & wrote down each box number & detailed contents, a cross reference exercise. Also use beach towels, towels & sheets to give boxes with fragile contents extra padding.

  • Natalie

    We’re very early stages of contemplating how to move across the world to a place with a very different climate (SE QLD for somewhere Northern USA) DH and I were debating the things we would have to keep. Was a short debate. The answer was we could start from scratch aside from personal photos and essential records.

    Now if we move locally and upsize as we plan to in the next six months well we will be culling very little aside from my husband’s IT stuff which really isn’t all his in that he didn’t go buy it, it’s the items that everyone else can’t bare to part with as they spent money on it and pass on to him just in case it’s useful.

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