Organising the kitchen with Command™ Jumbo Hooks

Brought to you by Command™ Jumbo Hooks.

Inside my pantry is not a pretty place! I might have a pretty kitchen, but hidden behind a wall is where I keep all the “stuff”. It’s not magazine worthy, but it’s clean and organised (to me anyway!) haha. My pantry is big – it’s got the fridge, a deep freezer, the school bags, a step ladder, my vacuum, a whiteboard, 60 jars and candles (I have no idea why I have so many!)…

I thought it could do with a small little hand in organising a few more things. This is where Command™ Jumbo Hooks came to my rescue! I decided I needed to get a few things up off the floor and bench. It’s a high traffic area where we pack lunches, make coffees, charge the laptop…

Command™ hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight! Each Jumbo hook holds up to 3.4kg.


I knew they would be perfect for 3 things I wanted to sort out – the school bags, the step ladder and my loose potatoes/onions.

They were so easy to put on the wall. They come with additional strips incase you decide to change its position. Just follow the instructions on the back and you won’t have a drama at all.



First here are my neat school bags. Usually they are on the floor so we can trip over them!



The here is what I did with the potatoes and onions which always seem to hang around! …


The Jumbo Hooks will neatly store my step ladder against the wall so it’s not in the way!


Also new to the Command™ range is the key rail rack. Now your keys can have a home, rather than having to hunt around your house, to try and remember where you last left them.

Now everything feels a bit fresher and more organised.

If you decide to remove them it’s so easy. Just gently pull the flap directly down and it’ll be off in a matter of seconds.


See how Tara Dennis uses the Jumbo Hooks in the laundry if you’re after some more inspiration…

Plus head to the Command Facebook page for lots more ideas or The Command Brand “Love Being Organised” page for lots more ideas!


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♥ KC.

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  • Michelle Richardson

    I love the idea of organising the kids school bags. I also love how the command hooks can add space to the inside of cupboards and pantrys. My town house is small and I need all the help I can get with innovative storage ideas. My laundry also needs inspiration. As does the toy room. I actually think I need a years supply of hooks haha.

  • Bianca bonakey

    I’d like to hang all my flannels over the bath so they dry out each morning for my toddler

  • Tina

    My laundry, the mop, broom and duster are constantly falling down and tripping me over!

  • Kay Z

    Ok, it is more of a case of which area needs them most, as I could find a use in any room. I’m going with the entrance, as that seems like a very good place to start. Somewhere for my keys, bag, and a light jacket, so they are not on the floor to be stepped on.

  • Carmel Corry

    My laundry is tiny and could really use getting getting everything up against the wall. It would save me so much space!

  • Lorraine Sztanski

    The Kitchen needs a hook over for utensils, tea towels , clothes, freezer bags and a few extra for those after thought things 🙂

  • Lynnette bull

    My daughters wardrobe. There is only one bedside table (has two drawers) so everything is hung or on the floor. It would be great to have the jumbo hooks for her room so she can have some more floor space

  • Christial Shea

    Wow! Will definitely need them for the bags.. Not just the school bags, but the nappy bag which seems to always end up on the floor! I’ll be getting a key hanger too.. My toddlers favourite toy is ‘mummy’s keys’… Which usually means I have NO IDEA where they end up!

  • Raluca

    The laundry and my daughter’s bedroom as i have art work that would look lovely but can’t put it up, and also as itvis a new house and freshly painted don’t need the holes

  • Kerry Neill

    Oh our kitchen desperately needs hooks to put up lids from pots and pans, and utensils that won’t fit in drawers. Hanging everything from the inside of the doors and pantry would be so much nicer than having it out on display!

  • Charlotte L.

    Great ideas! My daughter’s room would be a great place to start. These hooks would be great to hang up her dress ups and some toys.

  • AmberB

    Our garage and laundry NEED to be organised – it’s chaos. These hooks would help so much!!

  • john szabo

    organise the laundry for clothes,washing implements

  • Chanelle dabbouss

    My keys, we are constantly misplacing them we need somewhere we can store them all successfully, wkthout the cat knocking them down

  • Sharrie Fair

    My bedroom is the worse.. I don’t know what to do with all these bags and coats .. I would love a way to make everything fit nicely with more space.. but I am not allowed to put holes in the walls or create shelves. Help me please!

  • Amanda Gorton

    My laundry is an eyesore, due to little storage there are more pieces out of place than a jigsaw puzzle. Command™ Jumbo Hooks would definitely help organize it by taking it off the floor and onto the wall.

  • K Delic

    I need help storing both my sons school bags. I am so grateful these products exist.

    The key rack looks like a saviour to me!

  • Maricar Duff

    I am delighted that the’re is something tough and easy to use like this product. I intend to use it all over my house to utilize my wall space and organize my clutter.

  • Melanie Moran

    My front entrance is a nightmare. Our beautiful antique entrance table is forever covered in bags or children’s artwork that they “must keep forever!!” If I could get the school bags, soccer bags, dancing bags, netball bags, gym bags and shopping bags stored away and ready on Command, I might find some odd socks or even unopened mail on my table!!

  • Kathy Chaudhry

    With 4 young children, my (JUMBO) mess of an entrance hall could definitely do with some simple yet practical organisation! Kids jackets and school bags up neatly on the wall would have my kids simply (HOOK)ed on tidying up, especially when they see how much more space they have to play!

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