Organising the kitchen with Command™ Jumbo Hooks

Brought to you by Command™ Jumbo Hooks.

Inside my pantry is not a pretty place! I might have a pretty kitchen, but hidden behind a wall is where I keep all the “stuff”. It’s not magazine worthy, but it’s clean and organised (to me anyway!) haha. My pantry is big – it’s got the fridge, a deep freezer, the school bags, a step ladder, my vacuum, a whiteboard, 60 jars and candles (I have no idea why I have so many!)…

I thought it could do with a small little hand in organising a few more things. This is where Command™ Jumbo Hooks came to my rescue! I decided I needed to get a few things up off the floor and bench. It’s a high traffic area where we pack lunches, make coffees, charge the laptop…

Command™ hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight! Each Jumbo hook holds up to 3.4kg.


I knew they would be perfect for 3 things I wanted to sort out – the school bags, the step ladder and my loose potatoes/onions.

They were so easy to put on the wall. They come with additional strips incase you decide to change its position. Just follow the instructions on the back and you won’t have a drama at all.



First here are my neat school bags. Usually they are on the floor so we can trip over them!



The here is what I did with the potatoes and onions which always seem to hang around! …


The Jumbo Hooks will neatly store my step ladder against the wall so it’s not in the way!


Also new to the Command™ range is the key rail rack. Now your keys can have a home, rather than having to hunt around your house, to try and remember where you last left them.

Now everything feels a bit fresher and more organised.

If you decide to remove them it’s so easy. Just gently pull the flap directly down and it’ll be off in a matter of seconds.


See how Tara Dennis uses the Jumbo Hooks in the laundry if you’re after some more inspiration…

Plus head to the Command Facebook page for lots more ideas or The Command Brand “Love Being Organised” page for lots more ideas!


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♥ KC.

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  • Alison

    Definitely my entrance passage….. schoolbags, ladders, clothes horse, sporting equipment

  • Mel Davidson

    I love these ideas! I would love to use Command hooks in the kitchen, because it’s always over cluttered – I love your potato storage, and I’ve often tripped on my step ladder. But think I could use many around the house! (I already do, but haven’t tried the jumbo ones yet 🙂

  • chris simons

    These would be perfect in my childrens’ rooms. Their backpacks get dumped on the floor because the only place there is room for a hook is on the side of their chests of drawers and I definately do not want to be drilling anything into the drawers… I’d also be able to hang my Ikea Variera baskets on the side of their drawers which is what holds all their school/library books, hats etc. With no room for a special nook in the house for school stuff this would make their rooms that little bit more organised.

  • Laura

    My linen press, come storage room and chuck everything in there and quickly close the door room!! The cheapo hooks are just don’t cut it and I need to take Command of the room back!

  • Hayley Hogger

    WOW, what a difference it would make to lift the bags off the floor. We have a spot just near the front door where they “live” but to pop them up off the floor would be great. We already pop the keys on a command hook just under the light switch at the front door, the key rail rack looks like an even better option.

  • Alison

    most definitely, the kids school bags

  • Anastasia Xynos

    My laundry is a mess and dustpans and brooms would look a lot nicer if the off the floor.

  • Di

    Bedroom. I love dressing gowns, owning more than one should admit too. I really should hang them up somewhere easy to grab the one I feel like wearing, without having to sort through the rumpled pile.

  • karina l

    I use them in the laundry to hang up ironing board, broomsticks and mops!

  • Kylee

    Mine is my storeroom/mudroom. Eeek, it’s such a disaster zone. I have shelving but sometimes you just need to hang things like jackets and bags. These would be great for this.

  • Angela F

    what a fantastic idea, no more school bags lying around.

  • Anne

    My kitchen, I need more storage space and to be more organised. The Command hooks would be really useful and make my kitchen more functional.

  • Casey oconnell

    My ideal place to use these hooks is school bags I wish mine were as neat as you, also dressing gowns . There’s 6 people in my house , lots of dressing gowns , you have some great ideas to use these hooks , love them.

  • Nadine Hill

    These would be such a help in my kitchen – I really need to get some things up off the counter to give me more space for preparation!

  • Anita Lang

    My entry was to hang school bags & coats for the upcoming winter. It normally looks like a total mess midweek but hanging items will definitely help.

  • Catherine Lothian

    The laundry is in the greatest need, especially the iron and ironing board and the mops and brooms etc – command hooks would be ideal to solve this little mess for me.

  • Kasey

    Would love to win a pack to organise my kids school bags sick of having them on laying on the floor so I can trip over

  • Yolanda de Leon

    We just moved into our new house. I dont want to use nails or screws. So I use 3M Command Hooks a lot. But I seemed to not get enough of Command hooks around the house. I always find something to use them for. I used the Command Key holder bar, jumbo hooks for my kids bags, jumbo hooks for the walk in closet, inside the pantry, etc. But I need more to organise my laundry room to hang a lot of things there. And even more jumbo hooks in the garage too! Its just endless!

  • jan wilson

    the hallway is a bit of a jumbled mess for us with the kids bits and pieces

  • Michelle Richardson

    I love the idea of organising the kids school bags. I also love how the command hooks can add space to the inside of cupboards and pantrys. My town house is small and I need all the help I can get with innovative storage ideas.

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