Floor Plan Friday: 4 bedroom with side garage & activity

Hi there! It took me ages to find a floor plan this week. I was trying to find something that didn’t have the same old frontage. Here is a plan with a garage on the side of the home (therefore you’d need a bigger block to do this). The front of the home would look great without the garage in view because you can fill the width with a beautiful verandah.

This plan is really good all round I think. I like the ensuite with the separate toilet. All of the bedrooms are good sizes.

The kitchen, dining, family and lounge area would be fabulous (wine storage!). I’m not sure I’d need so many living areas, but I wouldn’t say no! You could possibly use the Home Theatre as a Study if you configured the space a bit better.

What do you think about this one today? I found it here. Or check out my HUGE category of floor plans over here too.

Happy Friday! ♥ KC.


  • Narelle Howell

    Very nice. I think I’d move the laundry and back it on to the kitchen. Also I’d have the opening of the walk in robe in the master on the other end, opening in to the small passageway

  • Donna Lovelock

    I like it. Love the wine storage! I’m not sure that I need a lounge, family & home theatre so close to each other…

  • Kylie Garvin

    I love Friday floor plan day! I especially like this one.

  • Julie Newans

    Toilet in the ensuite where the door is, I gather more is spent on wine than children’s clothes as the wardrobe space in all the bedrooms is small, broom cupboard next to the bathroom? With the orientation of the dining table bar stools would be difficult, home theatre needs to be able to be closed off otherwise two rooms can not function at once. No hand basin in the seperate WC – not a fan of this design’s functionality.

  • Megan Reading

    Agree re the family room and lounge all being so close, is also missing a study for me. Otherwise has some really good features

  • Jay Kaye

    I like this one. I agree with Narelle – I would move the laundry behind the kitchen. Also the toilet at the end of the house needs a basin (I have a thing about there being no vanity/basin in a WC!)

  • Jennifer Renee

    Bigest problem i jave is my dislike of bedrooms facing the front

  • Merlinda Ramirez

    I must say ” great floor plan” here in the central valley “California” you don’t see floor plan like yours. I’m in love with it.

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