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My new house inspiration

I bought this folder from Kikki K earlier this year and have just become motivated enough to start filling it. My 10 year old and I sat together yesterday afternoon ripping out pictures from magazines (I am a magazine junkie!) and putting them all in their sleeves.

It’s getting really exciting around here. Met with my builder and draftsman on Wednesday and we all went up to my block to discuss. Husband came too. I’ve drawn my plans, but we’re making some changes and flipping the garage to the lower side. I wasn’t too precious about that part, but I really want the laundry and pantry to be right near the garage as you walk in with the internal access. The things I bring home EVERY day are school bags and groceries. So my laundry will be a bit of a mud-room too with storage and I also want to easily dump my groceries inside the door without having to walk through the entire house.

The other thing I’m particular about is where the western sun will be. I don’t want it anywhere near my living/outdoor area. So I’ve drawn the plan so the sun will hit the ‘dead’ side of the house when it’s setting.

I also really really want a double sided wood fireplace. It’s been drawn in, but I am yet to price this little exercise. You know, you have to start BIG and then scale back. Fingers crossed that stays. I’ve also got to look at it’s ongoing efficiency.

I’m not having a formal lounge room and not have a huge study. At this stage we’ve put a ‘study nook’ or area off the family room that you can close behind sliding doors.

I am not wasting one bit of space in this house. This is our 3rd new house build (plus I used to work for a building company), so I’ve see a lot of houses. I finally think I understand what will work for US best.

Below are some cool pictures I saw whilst flicking magazines yesterday (all taken on iphone so quality is average)….

Here is son and I flicking together. He picks out lots of good ideas. He has a real eye for it. He gets really exciting about anything interiors…

Animal print ottoman? Nah, just kidding! No, I won’t do that to my family… Speaking of leopard print – Tania (from The Block) text me about 8 photos yesterday of her friend’s house – she has a bigger obsession than me with the leopard print. She had shoes, rugs, sheets, pillows and the best one… house keys cut on leopard print!!! LOVED it and laughed and laughed. So cute.

Definitely putting this somewhere (chalkbaord calendar). Biggest son wants it in his bedroom…

Check out this magazine trolley idea. Very different. I would never have thought of that. My husband has a printery so these trolleys are everywhere. Maybe I could nick one!

What else can I tell you about the house?? Ummmm… did I tell you it’s weatherboard and cottagey? I’m not going ultra-modern. I’ll have some modern features inside, but I’m mostly doing classic.

Builder said “if you didn’t change things and we got a good run, you can be in the house in October.” I nearly choked with laughter! I only laughed because as if I’m NOT going to change things! Haha! Plus, we’re not on The Block now, so there is no 8 week race until the finish. We have a lease on this rental until January anyway, so let’s see if we can get this done before then. 🙂

In the last post I wrote about the house, I asked if any suppliers/contractors wanted to come on board. I’ve had some great interest. I have put together a brief outline about what’s in it for you if you come on board. Email me if you want to get involved. There is lots of advertising, promotional, general media and social media kick backs for you.

Happy Friday everyone! I’m working on The Media Maid stuff today. Busy busy!


  • Kellie

    I envy you! We have just bought our first house. It’s small but we hope to renovate it. I love getting ideas from the block! We hope to build one day. I like the thought of having everything new to start with lol good luck!

  • Cassie Nisbet

    Long time reader, first time commenter! We built our house last year (have been in 1 year now) and I managed to fill my Kikki K folder too – love it! Now im filling my “wedding” Kikki K folder 🙂

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    Nice it is not east to find a house outlook at your own and you did this. I have become a big fan of you will wait for more posts from you.

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