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Riding the wave of Crohn’s Disease

This week I haven’t been feeling so great. It’s just the way it goes unfortunately. I was feeling ok, I’d started new trial drugs and on the last appointment I had nothing to tell my Doctor’s because I was feeling pretty good. In this past week I’ve lost 3kg. That’s how quick crohn’s can grab hold. I don’t want to eat when I’m sick because food is painful when it moves through you – but on the other hand I’m starving. Plus losing weight that fast is not good and you can become dehydrated. I lose concentration easily and I’m so cranky.

However, I’ve had this for almost 17 years, so I know how far I can go and how to manage it. I’ll stay close to home for the next few days and take it easy. If I get to the point where I can’t handle it, I always have some steroids on hand (which I hate and normally avoid like the plague!).


In the meantime, check me out on these posters! Yes, yes yes it’s leopard print – I know. I had these photos taken a few months ago and probably didn’t think it through enough with the animal-print idea! It’s all I wear 🙂 Don’t worry, there will be a new phase of something coming through soon. It always does – I’m fickle.

The posters were printed by my husband’s business and they will be distributed throughout hospitals and Doctor’s waiting rooms. You may see them around! Poster girl! I’ve already had some messages saying people are seeing them around.

PLUS This month is known as Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness month. Click here to find out more.


  • alana hampl

    sorry to hear your not feeling crash hot,i hope you start to feel better very soon!crohns is such a nasty thing and for having it for over 6 yrs now,i take my hat off to anyone who has to live with this.ThankYou for putting the awareness out there!!rest up & take care xxx

  • Mrs Sabbatical

    Thanks for doing your bit for the C&C campaign, fab poster, you know how to rock he leopard print! I added a link from to yr page….. Happy IBD month & hope you are feeling healthy!

  • Vicki

    Friends of mine are at a fundraiser ball tonight raising funds for Crohn’s disease research. I missed out on tickets but have donated. Hope all goes well with you. X

  • Kylie

    OK – I’m a bit slow.
    I’ve been hearing all about Blogopolis from Lou (Louwink) and Fiona (Lillyfield Life) and ended up on your blog reading your design tips. You talked about having categories and then I looked across and saw Chron’s listed. Which lead me here. Wow – you are amazing. I always liked watching you on The Block, and now reading your blog I love that you ‘speak’ so well. I’ve read a lot about finding a voice for your blog. Your voice is lovely – sincere, funny, witty, and apparently you speak tweet too!
    My little blog has been about home decorating and making things/DIY but I think I kept myself a bit hidden and removed when I wrote. I’m even hiding behing sunglasses in my profile picture. My world was recently turned upside down when I was diagnosed with MS. I decided to come out of hiding and share my story. I was overwhelmed by the encouragement and support I received from other bloggers. I really felt like part of a community. I think my voice is changing. Thank you for being such a good role model with a really big genuine smile.

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